On the 4th of February 2017 the Green. LIVE will be hosting a beach party to end the Summer with a bang. We here at Why Ed are joining in on the beach vibe fun and will be jolling come tomorrow. With that said, we thought we would have a quick chat with PHFAT about LILO.

But first, Cielo Beach Bar will be the venue for this alternative music extravaganza with a massive beach, swimming pool, cocktail bar, craft beer bar and some fun little surprises.

LILO starts at 10:00 and will be ending off at 20:00. Do you want tickets? Yes! Here you go, follow the link and book them today! Don’t wait! NOU!

The line-up is kakmal and will include the following:

11:00 – Stephane Marais
12:00 – Josie Field & Laurie Levine
13:00 – Jaryd Smith
14:15 – Bad Peter
15:30 – Strait Jackal
16:45 – December Streets
18:00 – Shortstraw
19:15 – PH Fat

Photo by Tash Montlake

Here’s what PHFAT had to say about LILO:

Hey, Mike. Thanks for having a quick chat. Is there any new material in the future, and can the LILO festival-goers expect a little preview this Saturday?

There is a bunch of new material in the pipeline and a couple previews in the show this weekend!

Whooo! What has been the craziest thing that has happened to you on stage?

Yowzers. I was wearing nothing but a pair of tracksuit pants getting ready for a costume change as the stage went black at Oppikoppi during a transition. I jumped off the bass bins at the front of the stage and completely missed the stage. I fell into this huge camera track and almost fucking offed myself. A stage-hand helped me climb back on stage before the lights flipped and no one was much the wiser. Fuck, I almost ate it, though.

I’ve also begun stopping shows if anyone in the crowd is fighting. None of that, please.

And girls, it’s not okay to try and grab my crotch.

Sounds rof! What is your favorite song to perform at a festival, and why?

It really depends on the festival. My favorite is usually whatever is brand new. There is something magic about figuring out how to present it.

What has been your absolute highlight in your illustrious career?

Sheeeyit! I dunno. Different aspects of the career are rewarding in different ways. Going full time was huge. That first main stage show at Oppikoppi was such a big release of energy. There are so many different parts to it. Lights Out will always be special to me cos of the process and the relationship I built with Nonku through it. Finishing happiness machines with Narch was also a beautiful moment. We looked at each other and kinda said ‘it’s done, it’s finally done’ without actually saying it.

Wow. That’s awesome. Any last words for the people going to LILO this weekend?

Bring your fun please. Fun is exponential when you share it.

Thanks, Mike. We’ll see you on Saturday at LILO.

Want more? Check out our chat we had with Shortstraw about LILO.