Black Math is a three piece band from Durban, South Africa.

The band consists of Tyla Burnett-Bass Guitar, Cameron Lofstrand-Guitar/Vocals and Acacia Van Wyk-Drums. They are just three friends who went to school together and share a deep love for loud and heavy music. Black Math formed in 2010, they have since then made a name for themselves in the South African music scene and have grown into the power trio that they are today. Their sound is raw, unforgiving and will punch you in the face when you least expect it.

We caught up with them before their Mieliepop 2017 show in March.

Hi there. Rad that we can talk to you guys before Mieliepop. How would you describe Mieliepop Festival to the average person?

Hey! Mieliepop is the most chilled and most beautifully located festival and super rad music. We spent the day in an old paper forest right next to the festival, it was tops, listening to weird echoes of the music from the festival reflecting off the lake. It was the least stressful festival we’ve ever been to, so much fun and so green.

Cannot wait! Any local artists you guys draw inspiration from?

There are many great musical acts in South Africa that we respect and get inspiration from, especially, Make-Overs, The Brother Moves On, BCUC and Sibling Rivalry.

What’s your personal favorite memory of playing in Black Math?

All of it. Most specifically the time we were flown to Reunion Island to play, playing Oppi, Endless Daze, Smoking Dragon, Mieliepop. My favourite times are when we are in the band room free jamming or writing interesting music, it’s the best feeling when a new song pushes you out of your comfort zone or when a free jam just sounds cool out of nowhere and then it becomes a song.

There was also a time when we were playing the Bohemian and the show was wild enough to perform a nice crowd surf, while still playing. Another time was very recently when we toured with Mouse to Gauteng, and we had a show in Soweto with The Cum In Your Face/TCIYF (their show was incredible, so filthy but so good). It was literally one of the best days ever, no formality, so pure and just so truly punk, loved it.

Jinne! Sounds mal! Any surprises we can expect from you on stage?

Now that you mention it I feel like we should prepare a surprise? Maybe we should wear something special or set something on fire? (always wanted to do that). We will definitely play some brand new songs we’ve been working on. We have our finale song in which we get a bit more percussive and weird than usual. Hopefully, we can surprise ourselves as well and do something different.

Haha. It’s a pleasure 😉 What is the craziest thing that has happened to you at a festival?

There have been a lot of weird experiences at festivals, they seem to be a magnet for strange encounters and freak happenings. Just before we were supposed to play our set at Splashy a few years ago, there was this crazy gust of wind that blew over a huge ass marquee/tent. It knocked someone out really hard, I think they were okay though. Another time at one Smoking Dragon, during our set my brain exploded and blood began to spew out of my nose. It was everywhere and it didn’t stop coming. I only stopped for a second to shove a tissue up my nose, it probably looked hilarious but we didn’t stop the show at all, it was only an excessive nose bleed and it really added to the show.

Rof! Moer rof! Thanks for chatting to us. We’ll see you at Mieliepop!

If you don’t have tickets yet, be sure to get your hands on them. NOW!