At last the long wait is over and all my work sorted out, due to some unforeseen circumstances I had a little problem getting off work and experience the Koppi. But alas everything is sorted and now the fun part is starting, buying so much booze that it could kill a herd of wildebeest and wood to build a small ark.

I am only leaving late Thursday afternoon with Ballie so it will be a night drive if you will, at least the buds like the legendary Poena will be there to hopefully keep a small place for my tent and car. A big ups to AA South Africa for delivering my two tickets, thanks guys!

I am really excited about this, if you ever been there you will know the feeling. I can’t wait to experience the beer, brandy, rocking music and the occasional thorn-bush in my leg. Here are some drunken snaps to pump up the anticipation for Oppikoppi 2011 Unknown Brother.