Oppikoppi is letterlik op ons voorstoep. It’s going down next month. Are you going? You should be! It’s one of the biggest festivals in South Africa with more than 20 000 people descending upon the small (but friendly) town of Northam to bathe in the Red Sea, and have a great time. Tickets are flying! Make sure you have your Oppikoppi Ticket!

Oppikoppi is a one-of-a-kind festival. Forget everything you thought you knew about camping and surviving in the wilderness, Bear Grylls style, Oppikoppi is much crazier than that. Think more along the lines of a prawn in a frying pan: jy gaan stink en kak lyk aan die begin, maar sodra jy klaar is, is jy gebrand en lekker. Simple as that.

With all of that said, we’re GIVING away a double ticket to Oppikoppi! Yes, a double ticket. Save yourself a few bucks and stock up on “food” and other necessities. Now, Oppikoppi tickets are manna to Oppi-fans. It’s the holy grail of festival tickets. We’re not going to give it away just like that…

The Majestic Oppikoppi

The Majestic Oppikoppi

In order to win, all you have to do is show us your training routine for The Naked Mile at Oppikoppi this year. It absolutely MUST be sent in the form of a photo or video. Before you freak out, nakedness is not compulsory. You can do it either with clothes off (just cover up the naughty bits if you don’t want your body shown on the interwebs), or with clothes on. You also don’t have to go and do the Naked Mile… only if you want to.

If you’re a bit skaam, you’re going to loose out on this. For your convenience, we’re giving you an example of how you can enter.

Exhibit A:


The competition is open to everyone, and entries close on 28 July 2016 (19:00). The winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

Now, here are a few things you need to know. You need your own transport to the event. The prize only includes a double ticket. No tent etc. Alles jou eie goed. Ons besluit is finaal. As jy wen, is dit ‘n ticket vir jou en jou tjommie/suster/vroulief/neef. Tickets are not transferable or refundable.

Klap daardie foon of GoPro uit en geniet. Asb moenie oor highways en in die verkeer ‘n video of ‘n foto neem nie. Photos can be uploaded to our Facebook page comments section on the post (click here).

Videos can be entered by uploading the video on YouTube and sharing the video link on the Facebook post. The most unique or popular video/photo will be the winner of the two tickets to OPPIKOPPI!

Note that you must like the page (Why Ed) to be valid for an entry.

Have fun! Sien julle almal in die stof.