“There are few bands that really manage to make the quiet/LOUD dynamic work to its full power, but Livingston are largely masters at this craft” – Kerrang!

“This foursome display their technical prowess with… A viscous soup of alternative rock with atmospheric elements.. Singer Beukes Willemse’s voice is simply haunting. 9/10” – Big Cheese.

These two quotes describe UK rock band Livingston perfectly, Livingston will be coming to South Africa during August 2015! Their tour will kick off at Oppikoppi The Fantastic Mr. Vos Vos and show dates for Cape Town, Johannesburg have just been announced:

With that said, we had a chat with Livingston before their South African tour. We talked to guitarist/percussionist Jakob Nebel about their latest album, South Africa, Oppikoppi and what we can expect from them.

Hey Jacob, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions we have ahead of your South African tour. We here at Why Ed are really excited to see Livingston take the stage at OppiKoppi 21: The Fantastic Mr. VOS VOS.

It is a pleasure, thanks for having us! You are talking to Jakob, the German guitarist in Livingston. Not one of the South Africans! But my girlfriend is, maybe that counts for something 🙂

Haha it does! Have you ever toured South Africa before? And is everyone in the Livingston camp excited about touring South Africa in a couple of weeks?

This is actually our first time there as a band. Beukes and Chris grew up in SA, but moved to the UK years ago. We are extremely excited to finally play in their homeland!

You won’t be dissapointed. Will a few members of Livingston be visiting any specific places or people in South Africa? Old friends, high school “onnies” or old watering holes maybe?

Our show in Pretoria is also a bit of a reunion for Beukes and Chris and all their old friends who used to hang out in Sunnyside years ago. I think we are going to have one hell of a party there.

Are you following the SA music scene in the UK? If so, which SA band/bands have impressed you the most?

Die Antwoord definitely stand out, they are very unique and great, also very funny. We met the Parlotones a few years back, they are great. I think they are playing Oppikoppi as well, will be great to see them again. We have also gotten to know Prime Circle a bit, they are cool guys.

We heard that Beukes performed at Oppikoppi before way back in the 90’s, this will be his first time playing at Oppikoppi in almost 15 years. What do you expect from the Oppikoppi crowd this year as compared to the previous performance all those years ago?

That was Beukes and his old band way back. I think it was also a bit of a Guerilla gig back then, they set up stage somewhere unofficially and just started playing. So this year will be quite different from that. For the rest of us it is our first African festival.

Sounds like Oppikoppi, and we’re excited about your first African festival. We’ve heard that a few members still have a very distinctive Afrikaans accent, do you think they would fit in perfectly with the prawns and the like at Oppikoppi?

I don’t think their accents are very Afrikaans any more. They have both lived in Europe for so long, Beukes’ wife is from the UK, I think their accents have changed quite a lot over the years. You be the judge of that! 🙂

We’ll have to wait and hear. For the duration of Oppikoppi, are there any artists you’re looking forward to seeing and having a chat with?

We can’t wait to meet Brand New, one of our favourite bands! We used to listen to one of their albums all the time.

How do you guys intend to prepare yourselves for Oppikoppi?

Drink beer. And not just one.


Great idea! You’ll fit in perfectly. Apparently you guys will also be spending some time on a farm in Newcastle to write and record your next album, how did that decision come about?

Beukes used to grow up on that farm, he told us many a tale about it. We recorded our last album in a cottage in the woods outside Berlin, so we are used to recording in remote places. This farm experience will give us lots of inspiration for the next album, I am sure!

Do you already have an idea of what the upcoming album will sound like? Similar to your previous works, or a complete departure entirely?

I have no idea at all. That’s the beauty of it. When you trust in the music and the band process, things will come out that you would have never expected. It’s one of the coolest things I know.

If you could talk to the South Africans who haven’t heard your music before, or seen you perform live, what would you tell them to expect?

Our live shows are very energetic, we intend to have a lot of fun on the stages of South Africa. We promise to give you guys a great night to remember!

We would like to thank Jakob for his time for the interview. Be sure to catch one of their shows on their South African tour, and listen to their latest album, Animal, right here.