Part 6 of our bands to see at Bewilder Beast:


If you live in South Africa, and know what good music is, these next three acts hardly need an introduction. But we’re gonna give you one anyway. These acts will be on their respective stages Friday – 9 August.

First up Die Heuwels Fantasties – James Philips Main Stage 23:00


One of South Africa’s biggest and most beloved bands, and electronic/pop heavyweights. Their live presence and energy is almost unmatched in the local music scene – you can’t miss seeing these guys. When you hear them taking the stage, stop drawing dicks on the passed out people, and run like you’ve never ran before.

Here’s their music video for “Die Volkslied”


Bittereinder are up next – Wesley’s Dome Stage 00:00


An Afrikaans rap trio, who describes their sound as this; “Dit klink soos rap maar dit voel soos afrikaans”, which can be loosely be translated into ‘it sounds like rap, but it feels like Afrikaans’, and we couldn’t agree more. Definitely look out for these guys, your mind will be blown.

Check out their music video for “Die Dinkdansmasjien”


Rounded off with some Jack Parow – James Philips Main Stage 01:00


The undisputed, and unofficial (totally official) king of Afrikaans rap. The Bellville native has almost single-handedly made his style of “gevaarlike Afrikaans rap” a success all over the world. For anyone who doesn’t think they enjoy his music, go see him live, you’ll soon change your mind about him. His live performances are not to be missed!

Here’s his music video for “Afrikaans is Dood”