Oppikoppi is going down in August, and it’s going to be a great #jol a few hours from Snor City. Are you prepared? Do you have a camping chair and a cooler? And do you have your tickets yet? If not, click here. With that said, we’re asking Oppikoppi artists 7 kief questions about the festival  and even asking for a few hints and tips for first-timers. We had a chat with Art Snakes. First and foremost, Art Snakes is a noise pop band from Gauteng, South Africa.

The project brings together Stefan Henrico (Zebra and Giraffe), Jason Hinch (Black Cat Bones, Blood Brothers, Boargazm) and Werner Olckers (Wrestlerish) to form a new hyper-alumni from some of Gauteng’s most seasoned musicians.

How would you explain to someone to difference between Kreef and Mordor?

Mordor has become a scene out of any post apocalyptic movie. It’s a young man’s game. I’ve survived it. I’ll tell the tale. But I’m not fucking going back.
Kreef is what happens when you turn 25 and realize that you can’t drink for 3 days straight without some basic luxuries anymore.

You think you want to be on team “every man”, but quickly realize 45 minutes in that you really really really would prefer the luxury.

By Anja Theron

By Anja Theron

What have you done so far to prepare for Oppikoppi?

Rehearse. Meditate. Pre-medicate.

Jason is pretty much the toughest out of all of us. He can basically survive and play any festival and be completely fine in the aftermath. He needs no preparation.

Which band would you most like to have a few beers with at Oppikoppi this year, and why?

There is no one as fun as a drunk Laudo Liebenberg (or a sober Laudo for that matter.) So aKING tops that list for me. Otherwise it’s always great to have a Coke Zero with Al from Shortstraw.

How would you describe a typical Art Snakes performance?

Intense. Spontaneous.

We’ve somehow managed to only play festivals and outdoor stages thus far. So for us the experience has been built around a certain distance or disconnect from the crowd.

Without sounding like a Hallmark Card, it really does feel like it’s just the three members and the music when we perform. Everything just clicks and works in that moment. Every show has been pretty special up to this point. Koppi has a way of always bringing out the best in artists.
Ask me again next year?

Deal! Out of all the years you’ve been to Oppikoppi, which was your favorite?

The last Wrestlerish performance was pretty special. But I think being able to watch Brand New destroy the main stage last year was something that will NEVER be topped.

Have you ever picked up any injuries at Oppikoppi? If so, mind telling us what happened?

I once did mushrooms at Koppi Easter and had a really fucking bad trip. Does that count?

It does count… Do you have any advice for people who are attending the festival for the first time?

Water. Wet wipes. Chips. Rolls. Sorted.

We would like to thank Werner and Art Snakes for their time. Be sure to check them out when they kick Oppikoppi-ass!