Oppikoppi is almost here, and it’s going to be a lekker party! Are you prepared? Have you given your liver the rundown of #jol? And do you have your tickets yet? If not, click here. With that said, we’re asking Oppikoppi artists 7 kief questions about the festival and even asking for a few hints and tips for first-timers. We had a chat with Jamie-Lee Sexton.

Jamie-Lee Sexton’s powerful vocals and the array of musical talents she possesses, has made her into a multifaceted artist. And it’s a must to check them out at Oppikoppi!


What’s the most random question you’ve ever been asked at Oppikoppi?

Each Oppi comes with very unique characters and a lot of arbitrary conversations.

But this one made me chuckle.

A Spider-Man character came up to me right after my set and asked me if I would like to join him and a friend for a pleasurable time and if I wouldn’t mind dressing up as Batwoman as he already had the outfit ready for me…. I gracefully declined that “intriguing” offer.

Where’s the better party; Kreef Hotel, or District 9? 

I haven’t partied there yet, but that might change this year- will keep you posted!

What’s the one thing you will never forget to bring to Oppikoppi, other than instruments?

A Hip flask!

Which band would you most like to have a few beers with at Oppikoppi this year, and why?

Two Door Cinema Club- because they are Irish and that is my heritage Sláinte! And their music is pretty awesome too!

If you could have one superpower for Oppikoppi, what would it be and why?

I would love to have the ability to create ICE with me own hands.

And maybe the power to cure hangovers!!

What has been your fondest memory of Oppikoppi?

There are so many, but one of my fondest memories has to be playing- two shows on two amazing stages all in one day.

The second show was at the Top Bar in the evening, there was a roaring crowd and the energy was electric- I love that stage!!!

Pink drinks, beer or tequilas at Oppikoppi?

Tequila for the WIN! And an ice cold beer for breakfast.

We would like to thank Jamie-Lee for her time. Be sure to check them out when they makietie at Oppikopp!