Oppikoppi is amper op jou voorstoep! Kief! Is jy prepared soos Rambo? Is jou stof en ongebruike kondome nog in jou tent van laas jaar? And do you have your tickets yet? If not, click here. With that said, we’re asking Oppikoppi artists 7 questions about the festival and a few other random questions that you would like to know. Hierdie klets doen ons ‘n bietjie anders, ons praat met die man wat donners baie fotos neem by Oppikoppi. Jy het al sy fotos gesien, maar ken jy hom regtig? We had a chat with the awesome Henry Engelbrecht.

“I am an IT consultant by day, and I frequent bars and music festivals in my free time to photograph live music performances. What started off as a side project in 2012 is keeping me very busy these days, but I am still learning and evolving and trying to take that one perfect band photo.”

If you could describe Oppikoppi in one song excerpt, what would it be?

Ummmmm… Why do you start with the most difficult question? Haha. Anyway, it would probably be a Fokofpolisiekar song. Something like ‘Dagdronk’ or ‘Hemel Op Die Platteland’?

Goeie keuse! If you could have one superpower for Oppikoppi, what would it be and why?

Super speed, to move faster between all the different stages.

OK ED_DSC_9488_2014_1

Foto deur Henry Engelbrecht

Have you ever picked up any injuries at Oppikoppi? If so, mind telling us what happened?

No. But I think I have some emotional scars.

Shamepies. How would you explain to someone to difference between Kreef and Mordor?

In the Kreef you can expect to have at least one shower during the festival. In Mordor you can probably count on the fact that you won’t shower at all.

Fondest memory of Oppikoppi?

For me, it’s all about the music, and all the new local acts that can be discovered there. I attend a lot of gigs, so my best memories of Oppikoppi all consist of seeing a band there for the first time and getting blown away by them. Acts like Dookoom, Stoker, Nonku Phiri, Black Math and After Robot come to mind.

How many artists are you looking to photograph this year at Oppikoppi?

Last year I photographed a whopping 79 acts. This year, who knows? If I can see all the acts on the bottom four stages, and maybe catch a few at the Top Bar too, I’d be very chuffed. There is so much to choose from this year, so there are some difficult choices to make. Anyway, it’s a hell of a lot of work (especially the week after the festival) but I count myself extremely lucky to be able to see so much talent in three days.

Jinne! That’s rof! 79!? Where’s the better party; Kreef Hotel, or District 9? Explain.

The best party is where your mates are at. Chris Kreef builds us a special camp in the Kreef Hotel (like Inception Kreef, you know, a Kreef within the Kreef) and that is a lot of fun. But I can’t talk about that because what happens at the WatKreefJy stays at the WatKreefJy…

We would like to thank Henry Engelbrecht vir sy tyd! As jy vir Henry by Oppikoppi sien die jaar, maak seker jy gee vir hom ‘n high five en ‘n tequila of 6!