Oppikoppi is here, and it’s going to be a lekker party! Are you prepared? Lekker lus vir goeie musiek en ‘n mal tyd? And do you have your tickets yet? If not, click here. With that said, we’re asking Oppikoppi artists 7 kief questions about the festival. We had a chat with Go Barefoot.

Go Barefoot strive to bring our own style and personality into their music by creating an eclectic, interesting and uniquely South African mix of Folk, Urban-African, Alt-Rock and Jazz. They’re fans of get-up-and-move dance beats as well as strong, groovy hooks that take on a new sonic attitude.

Where’s the better party; Kreef Hotel, or District 9?

Dude, call it District 9, where the prawns thrive or Mordor where the orcs go mental – it’s definitely where the party is at. Our experiences in Mordor have made Oppikoppi even more special to us, from running away from a car on fire at 5am (our first ever Oppi) to eating mountains of biltong with strangers who invited us over for a smoke. Its where sharing is caring the care bears vibe.

What’s the most random question you’ve ever been asked at Oppikoppi?

Who is James Phillips?” I mean cmaaaan.

Any words for the people who complain about the line-up each and every year?

Get over it. Trust the event organizers and know it will always be good.

Do you have any tips for people wanting to get lucky in the bushveld?

Ask politely and keep it clean (in all senses of the word)

Strangest thing you have ever witnessed at Oppikoppi?

We were performing on stage last year and looked out into the audience and this dude was just butt naked, dick out and all, watching us intensely – we couldn’t keep straight faces on stage.

Do you have any advice for people who are attending the festival for the first time?

Water is life! Have as little responsibility as possible and don’t hold back on the good times. Also, the path to the Red Bull stage is on the left – don’t make the same mistake as some of us did and try climb there from Skellum stage. Aaaand the craziest stuff always happens at the top bar stage in the late hours on the last night.

Out of all the years you’ve been to Oppikoppi, which one was your favourite? And why?

That’s a toughy hey! When Eagles of Death Metal played in 2012 it was an incredible Oppi. But every Oppi since 2014 (The first time we performed) has been incredible. This will be our third year performing and we cannot wait to pull out all the stops. Catch us at The Bruilof Stage on Friday the 6th at 8pm!
Thanks, guys! xx

We would like to thank Go Barefoot for their time. Be sure to check them out when they makietie at Oppikopp!