Oppikoppi 21: The Fantastic Mr. VOSVOS is coming for you, and you!

South Africa’s iconic music festival is going down in August, and we urge you to write it down in your diary!! We here at Why Ed are already preparing ourselves by trying to sleep on nothing but thorns and screaming “Koppi” 259 times in a row. With that said, we’re asking Oppikoppi artists 7 questions about the festival, and sommer delving into past experiences. Their answers may serve you well in the quest to make your very own Oppikoppi experience one of the most memorable.

We took some time out of our festival preparations to ask Steve East, from Crystal Park, a few questions about Oppikoppi 21: The Fantastic Mr. VOSVOS!

Crystal Park is a 6-piece Alternative Country outfit from Benoni, South Africa. Their music roams the deep, dark, dangerous world of the suburbs, streets and myths of Benoni’s city and suburban life – from the famed “Benoni Werewolves” of the 80s, to the most popular pubs, drinking holes and takeaway joints, to the ladies of the night (if you’re looking for a good time).

What song excerpt would you use to describe the feeling that Crystal Park is performing at Oppikoppi for the first time since 2012?

“Mr. Phillips found old Johnny Cash and he was high, High before he ever took those pills and he’s still too proud to die. Mr. Phillips never said anything behind nobody’s back, like ‘Dammit Elvis, don’t he know, he ain’t no Johnny Cash’…” – That’s a line from a Drive-By Truckers song called Carl Perkins’ Cadillac

Have you ever picked up any injuries at Oppikoppi? If so, mind telling us what happened?

Let’s see… 4 o’ clock Ear Infection… The usual “Lost for 3 Hours, Fell a Couple Times” stories… Brad once fell out of a tree with a full leg cast on, onto his crutches.

Take in that beard, take it all in!

Do you have any advice for people who are attending the festival for the first time?

Bring beer and nice people. Treat Oppikoppi’s stages almost like a Food Market. Go from one to the other trying out all the different flavors. Even if it’s something you read up about beforehand and it sounds like something you cannot stomach, go try it out anyway.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at Oppikoppi?

Brad beer-bonging a Vienna, a can of baked beans, and some tuna.

If you had no choice but to participate in the naked mile this year, what would your fool-proof plan consist of for winning the event?

Fred reckons it’s simple: One Cock Push up… only… that’s all you need

Any surprises that we can expect from Crystal Park at Oppikoppi? Naked handstands, luminous beer funnels or midget tossing?

We always include surprises at our Festival Sets. At Sweet Thing 2012, we gave away over 80 free Boerewors Rolls in front of the stage while we played… Stay tuned to our Facebook page or on Twitter, for announcements on this year’s surprises… 🙂

What’s the most random question you’ve ever been asked at Oppikoppi?

Steve: Around the fire once at about 4 am, a guy asked me “Hey man, can you do any magic tricks?” I was like “Um… yeah, I mean, I guess so…?” He then replied “Good. Then why don’t you fucking disappear?” I was speechless. So then I just walked away into the night without saying a word. Ha! Joke’s on him!

We would like to thank Steve and the rest of the guys for their time! Be sure to watch Crystal Park perform at Oppikoppi – you might even get a lekker Boerie roll with the show!