South Africa’s pre-eminent music festival is going down in August, and it’s going to be another big one! We here at Why Ed are already preparing ourselves by inhaling dust and taking naps at the office in the middle of the day. With that said, we’re asking Oppikoppi artists and the like 7 questions about the festival, and sommer delving into past experiences. Their answers may serve you well in the quest to make your very own Oppikoppi experience one of the most memorable.

We took some time out of our festival preparations to ask Mike Pocock, from State Society, a few questions about Oppikoppi 21: The Fantastic Mr. VOS VOS!

State Society have been entertaining single moms for about 3 years now and are showing no sign of stopping anytime soon. They enjoy naps too.

Out of all the years you’ve been to Oppikoppi, which one was your favourite? And why?

Last year was unbelievable! It was the first time the band performed at Koppi and we had such a blast. The minute we walked onto James Phillip Stage to start our set, we all felt this overwhelming feeling of joy and nerves rolled into one. To that point, it was the biggest show the band had ever done. We loved every second of it. Another one which E enjoyed greatly was when Enter Shikari performed. They are one of my favourite bands and to me, one of the most important and revolutionary acts of our generation.

Do you have any tips for people wanting to get lucky in the bushveld?

Girls: Wash your vag. Guys: Wash your balls and pull back the foreskin if you’re a polo-neck and scrape away the cheese. If both of these apply to you, then go buy a copy of Vanity Fair.

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Which band would you most like to have a few beers with at Oppikoppi this year, and why?

We love so many of the bands performing this year. We would love to create an Ewok Village in the campsite with Facing The Gallows, Satanic Dagga Orgy, After Robot, Southern Wild, Francois van Coke, Bombs And Issues, Red Helen, Poverty Of Ideals and we just beer funnel the fu*k out of everything. In fact, anyone is invited!

If you could describe Oppikoppi in one song excerpt, what would it be?

One song to describe Koppi? Hmmmm. That’s a tough one. I rate it would be ‘Football Season Is Over’ by Bring Me The Horizon. ‘Party til you pass out, drink ’til you’re dead. Dance all night ’til you can’t feel your legs.’

Kreef Hotel, or District 9? Explain.

Both have their advantages. Kreef is for the white kids who don’t like being dirty. We, on the other hand, are a dirty bunch of assholes who like being filthy. We enjoy picking dirt out of our belly buttons so District 9 is where the magic happens.

State Society will be playing a set at Oppikoppi, so are there any pre-show rituals you guys go through before going on stage?

Cliff warms his voice up with ginger tea and red wine. Marchant fights with Cliff about how his PRS is better than Fender. Petri hits things and pokes people with sticks. Mike laughs at Marchant and Cliff arguing about their guitars and shows people his hernia. Justin Rae, who is performing his first show with the band at Koppi, normally drinks a cocktail with a tiny umbrella.

Beer or hard liquor if you’re at Oppikoppi?

Beer! And more beer! After that beer, grab another. When you run out, get more.

State Society will be performing at Oppikoppi 21: The Fantastic Mr. VOS VOS – don’t miss it!