Oppikoppi 21: The Fantastic Mr. VOS VOS is coming for you, and you!

South Africa’s pre-eminent music festival is going down in August, and it’s going to be another big one! We here at Why Ed are already preparing ourselves by inhaling dust and taking naps at the office in the middle of the day. With that said, we’re asking Oppikoppi artists 7 questions about the festival, and sommer delving into past experiences. Their answers may serve you well in the quest to make your very own Oppikoppi experience one of the most memorable.

We took some time out of our festival preparations to ask Floris Groenewald from Kabaal Klankbaan, who will be performing at Oppikoppi, a few questions about Oppikoppi 21: The Fantastic Mr. VOS VOS!

Floris is the frontman of Pretoria-based folk-rock project, Kabaal Klankbaan. He’s visited Oppikoppi a few times before, but 2015 will be his first time behind the microphones.

Do you have any advice for people who are attending the festival for the first time?

Pick your festival companions well. Any festival is made by hanging out with the right people, or ruined by hanging with the wrong ones. The ideal group would be people who share your taste in music, camping, drinking, and partying.

What have you done so far to prepare for Oppikoppi?

I’ve started the audition process to find my perfect festival companions and started endurance training so when August comes, I’ll be able to start early in the morning, and last till early the next morning… three days in a row.

floris groenewald

Where’s the best place at Oppikoppi to take a “time out?”

While you can visit your tent or relax under the trees in the stage area, there are no real “time outs” at Oppikoppi. Party till you drop and have your “time out” when you get back home. Or at work.

Coffee, or another beer when waking up at Oppikoppi? Explain.

At every Oppikoppi I’ve attended, I’ve managed to prove my theory: If you keep drinking when you wake up, it’s possible to outrun a hangover. Beer wins every time.

If you could describe Mordor/District 9 in one word, what would it be?


Any words for the people who complain about the line-up each and every year?

Oppikoppi offers more stages, and more acts, and more music than you can possibly take in during one weekend. If you don’t like what’s on the stage, simply move on to the next one. Or move on to the next bar. Or the next person.

Kabaal Klankbaan will be playing a set at Oppikoppi, so are there any pre-show rituals you go through before going on stage?

Usually, I pee about 5 times in a row right before I go on. Speaking of which, maybe it’s a good time to start a new pre-show ritual. Any ideas?

You can catch Kabaal Klankbaan at Oppikoppi 21! Dit gaan ‘n lekker show wees julle!