Today sees the release of Oooth’s debut album, Who Cares What You Think. The album comes after the release of their debut single, Hands Under The Table earlier in September.

Oooth is fronted by Jason Oosthuizen, who started playing drums at the age of four, and since then has gone on to play in some of the best bands to come out of South Africa. In 2018 he decided to broaden his musical horizons to singer/songwriter position by replacing the drumsticks with a Gibson electric guitar and mic as frontman of Oooth. For Oooth, Jason has written, recorded and produced most aspects of the project himself.

Who Cares What You Think. was written and recorded by Jason over the last eight months, and recorded with Pete Hanmer at Foxglove Studios in Alberton, Gauteng. Inspired to push himself out of his comfort zone, Jason decided to challenge himself and his music career by writing and recording a full solo record. “It must be one of the most scary antics I’ve tried and I’m still not 100% sure I can pull it off, but I’m gonna try my best and see what happens.” says Jason.

Busy drumming, loud guitars and some sing along choruses are only a few elements which fans can expect from the new OOOTH album. It has been a while since a rock band popped up in South Africa reviving the plain and simple rock ’n roll sound with no restrains on lyrical content, and OOOTH wants to do just that.

“I think too many people don’t do things they want to do because they scared of what others will think of them. I just think who cares what people think, and just do it in anyway.”

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With that said, we had a quick chat with Jason…

Hi, Jason. Thanks for your time. A debut solo album, that is awesome. How did that come about?

This all started for me when I lived in Los Angeles and I really wanted to do my own record and started writing the song ‘Grateful’. When I got back to South Africa, I started Lost&Found with Glen Hodgson. We finished our second album and I had more in me so I started writing again and finished the full record.

How was the experience from changing your drumsticks with an electric guitar?

It has been relatively easy and fun but to be really honest, I’m super nervous now to share my album with everyone as I now I’ve got to perform it live, which scares the shit out of me.

You’ve also released a signature snare drum range, an apparel line as well as a coffee brand this year. Anything else the fans can be expecting from you?

For this year that will be all but I’m planning some super cool stuff for next year which I can’t say anything about just yet.

Why should people check out ‘Who Cares What You Think.’ when it releases on 2 November?

Well, I think it’s cool to see what a drummer can do when writing a full album. It is honest tracks of real life events that I have put into music.

Do you have any advice for upcoming artists who want to release music?

I have recently been asked this quite a number of times and all I say is work hard, don’t give up and lastly expect absolutely nothing for free as this game is all about what you put in is what you get out.

After the releases, what is next for Jason Oosthuizen?

For now there is some local shows and international tours booked for Oooth, however next year has some huge things being planned but for now, it can’t be announced.

Photos by Christelle Duvenhage.