MYMYMY delivers another potent dose of reality checks with their latest track, “Wakker Skrik”. Synth-pop with substance is what listeners can expect from this dynamic track. The duo also roped in the hip-hop stylings of acclaimed Afrikaans rapper, Churchil Naude to add even more flavor to an already scrumptious song.

The video was created by Conrad Robertson, Chade Diener, Marike Herselman. The camera glides through the streets of suburbia juxtaposed with ominous and threatening clouds. It is also accompanied by vivid designs that highlight the lyrical ingenuity. The bold imagery alludes to the overall 80s undertone of the track but keeps it fresh and interesting, with something new popping up around every corner!

“We hope that Wakker Skrik will be bringing something new to the table. It is synthwave with a BANG and Churchill Naude’s rap is reminiscent of late 80s hip-hop, but with a fresh feel. It has some bite! What started off as a simple song about the pet hate of electrical fencing has morphed into something much more. Somone once said; “write what you know”, and for us, that is now truer than ever.”

You can download Wakker Skrik right here.