WB Games has a Batman related announcement on the way, and we’re all hoping it’s produced by Rocksteady! The following image was teased by IGN France on Twitter…

That’s French for March 8th, 2017. The speculation on this game is already running rampant with Batman fans on Reddit taking wild stabs at what this game could be.

The most obvious guess is that this game will be a sequel to Arkham Origins.. Another big guess is that it’s that Damian Wayne game that’s been teased to be in development for so long.

Another wild guess from the subreddit says this will be a game that features Batgirl (as the announcement comes on international women’s day)…and that could be true but we wouldn’t take too much stock in the day of the announcement.

No one has been clamouring for a Batgirl video game so we don’t see WB rushing to get one to the public.

What do you think the new game will be?