We love Nerds, we love everything they do and how their minds work. We need to love Nerds, as we’re Nerds ourselves. With that said, The Nerd Hub is having their Nerd Launch this weekend in Codonia Avenue in Snor City. It’s going to go down, and it’s going to be Nerdsome!

They are officially launching their shop, and they will also be hosting FIFA16 tournaments for the opening launch. So, get your Nerd face on and your FIFA skills on lockdown to stand a chance to win Nerd Hub merchandise and even score yourself more. 60 bokke will get you in the tournament and there will also be cash prizes up for grabs. Unmarked bills (not really) for playing FIFA, it’s the dream, people! The Nerd dream!

Current Mood

Current Mood

You’re probably asking why should you go, you don’t have any Nerd qualities? There will also be a braai for all of the attendees of this monumental launch. Don’t tell us you don’t like a braai… that’s so unSouth-African of you.

Bring your tjommies, pappas and your girl/boyfriend and have a jol with The Nerd Hub.

If you want more details on the event, click here for the Facebook event.

See you there! Die Masjiene and the Why Ed crew will also be checking out this Nerd-tastic event.

*The Nerd Hub is an eSports shop opening their doors 1 August in Waverley, Pretoria.