After re-opening in September, this month Neighbourgoods Night Market brings you a one night journey into performance art, theatre and world music. The event on 6 October will feature OXYGEN – performances by Emma Tollman and Francesca Mattys, and be accompanied by musical interludes from some of Joburg’s most renowned selectors – DJ Charles Leonard and Polyestervelcro playing a variety of Jazz, afrobeat and lounge rhythms.

Come and experience the cultural and artistic roots of Johannesburg’s beautiful Braamfontein as NGM brings you a night market with reinvented entertainment to reimagine your First Thursday of every month.

OXYGEN (Choreographed by Emma Tollman and Francesca Mattys) breathes life into two women’s struggle to survive life in one piece while enduring a culture of fragmenting objectification.

Oxygen will be performed in two parts:

PART 1 (20:30)
In Between Breaths observes the wooden experience of girls growing up in a convent of religious and gendered conservatism. Hard wooden school chairs hold the memory of harder wooden punishment in a social upbringing that abuses girls to keep in line. The struggle to explore in these contrived spaces renders the female body a tortured object. The breaths in between this indoctrination simmer inside the mind of a girl questioning the God of the world she’s been raised in.

PART 2 (22:30)
Still Breathing explores a toy line of ‘Baby Dolls’, one of society’s products disfigured through sexualization and the male gaze. Baby Doll’s meat based body wanders through her incarceration on Earth packaged in plastic for more! More consumption and more playtime… She walks among the ghosts of her memory, where she looks for her lost childhood.

Full Line-Up:

1. 19:00 DJ Charles Leonard
2. 20:30 Oxygen Part 1 – In Between Breaths (Performance)
3. 21:00 Polyestervelcro
4. 22:30 Oxygen Part 1 – Still Breathing (Performance)
5. 23:00 Polyestervelcro
6. 24:00 Event Closes