Saturday Night Live revealed a funny Star Wars comedy sketch that was cut from the most recent episode of the series, which was hosted by Charles Barkley. Director J.J. Abrams presented the skit as the announcement of a fake new film called The Mos Eisley Five: A Star Wars Story.

What makes the skit so funny is that it plays with the Star Wars trope where all of the characters seem to be able to understand every alien and droid language with no problems. Well, everyone that is except Charles Barkley. He just doesn’t understand what in the hell is going on!

The heroes in the skit are played by Mikey Day, Kate McKinnon, and Charles Barkley. Then you have the shady character Goba (Keenan Thompson) who is holding a Rebel pilot (Pete Davidson) captive. The heroes are coming into trying to negotiate his release. Enjoy!