Rapidly cementing their name as the go-to festival for alternative music fans in South Africa, Krank’d Up music festival is back for another unforgettable show that will be talked about for years to come. Having wowed audiences over the past 5 years with electrifying performances from some of the planet’s most exciting international rock and metal acts, Krank’d Up fans exploded in jubilant fashion at the announcement of Memphis May Fire and Intervals as 2017’s festival headliners.

Krank’d Up will be held at Sundowners, Alberton, on September 30, 2017.

Full confirmed lineup: Memphis May Fire, Intervals, Red Helen, Megalodon, albinobeach, State Society, CMR, Ohgod, My Columbine, Mezzanine Floor, Deadline, Vulvodynia, Held On Till May, After Robot, Maximum Carnage, You, Me and the Harmony, Savage Lucy, BloodBeast, De Wallen, Coldfield, Mad God.


Tickets are on sale nationwide through Computicket, as well as at Computicket outlets and Checkers stores.

With that said, we had a chat with Memphis May Fire:

Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to chat. You are coming to South Africa in September for Krank’d Up! How does it feel coming to the Southern tip of Africa for the very first time?

We’ve been wanting to play South Africa for years! We can’t wait to finally make it happen!

Awesome. We cannot wait for it! Have you ever thought of coming down to South Africa and what have you heard about South Africa?

We’ve heard nothing but amazing things about South Africa! For as long as we’ve been a band it’s been a dream of ours to go there! We’re going to soak up every minute of it.

You’ll be sharing the stage with some of South Africa’s finest metal outfits, have you listened to some of the artists that you’ll be playing with? What is your take on the SA music scene?

We haven’t had the chance to check them out yet, but we definitely will! We are unfamiliar with the SA music scene but we’re excited to watch their sets & get to know them!

You’re in for a treat. You are currently on an extensive tour throughout the US before coming down to SA. Are you going to be taking some time off after your visit to SA? Or is it back on the road for you?

After our visit to SA we will be going back into the studio to record a new album! We never stop working because we love what we do!

Speaking of taking some time off, are you planning to check out South Africa after or before the event?

Of course! I believe we have a day off before & after the show! We are going to see as much as we can!

Nice! You released ‘This Light I Hold’ in 2016 which peaked at 42 on the Billboard 200 and 5 on the US rock chart. You also released a new video for ‘Virus’ recently. Does that mean we can expect a new album soon?

We are definitely in writing mode! We hope to release a new album in 2018!

Ah, that would be rad. You worked with Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach on ‘This Light I Hold’. How was it working with someone such as Jacoby? Was it an adjustment as MMF and Papa Roach are vastly different from one another?

We loved working with Jacoby, he’s one of a kind! We chose him as a guest vocalist because he’s outside of the realm of what people would expect. We couldn’t be happier with his addition to the song!

Your music videos are unique, to say the least. How do you come up with concepts? Do you brainstorm as a band or do you have external input? Take us through the process of your creative genius.

It’s a mixture of both! I work together with the video producer to collaborate on concepts & ideas. We go back & forth until we have something that we love! We love to make cinematic music videos so we’ve worked with Caleb Mallory on the last few & he does a great job every time!

Memphis May Fire identifies as a Christian metalcore band. Being a Christian and a metalhead myself, your music really speaks to me. How do you keep balance with being on the road and your spiritual lives?

It’s so important to stay grounded in the word. Whether you read or use a devotional or watch sermons online. My faith is the the foundation of my life so I have to devote time to nurturing my relationship with God.

Love it. Thanks. What can the South African crowd expect from your performance? How would you describe your live sound?

We’ve always prided ourselves on being best in the live setting. Our goal is to re-create our records live & we’re going to give SA 110%!

You previously went by the name ‘Oh Captain, My Captain’ before changing the name to Memphis May Fire. Matty previously said that the name ‘Memphis May Fire’ does not mean anything, it is just catchy. So, to avoid the obvious question, what was the meaning behind ‘Oh Captain, My Captain’?

That was before I was in the band so I can’t speak to it much but I believe it was a reference to “Dead Poets Society”.

Interesting. What is next for Memphis May Fire? What can your fans expect from you next?

We’re excited to give our fans new music in 2018! After that we will be touring a ton! Hopefully we will be back in South Africa soon!

Awesome! Thanks for the chat. Be sure to check them out at Krank’d Up this year. It’s going to be amazing!