Mathew Gold’s smooth and dreamy vocal has been riding high on the South African airwaves over the past 4 years through a number of powerful hit collaborations.

Starting off with SAMA record of the year nominated “Taking It Easy” with Goodluck in 2011 to the most recent smash hit “When We Were Young” with Breadklaw, Mathew Gold is no stranger to the limelight. Mathew’s other numerous hit collaborations include “No Ordinary Guy” with AKA and “Where Are You Going” with eclectic electro outfit, The Kiffness.

Blessed with an innate talent for entertaining, Gold couldn’t refute the pull he felt towards music as a young boy, especially having grown up in a musical family. After completing school, Mathew enrolled in the Waterfront Theatre School, where his talents for music and theatre become evident. What followed was a top 12 place in season five of South African Idols, a TV presenter role for SABC hit TV magazine show, Hectic Nine-9, and the lead role in a major commercial.

Releasing his debut album, The Rush, in 2013 Mathew featured the who’s who of producers in South Africa including Crazy White Boy, Justin Denobrega (Die Antword), AKA, Mr Sakitumi, Pascal and Pierce, David Jones and GoodLuck. “The album has less of a ‘sound’ direction and more of a ‘feel’, capturing more of the emotion in the story than in the selection of sound – we wanted to create music that spans multiple genres and because of that, also appeals to diverse audiences.”

Developing on his experiences from his first album, Mathew has released his brand new album in May. Artfully combining his flawless soulful voice with some of the best producers’ work in the country, Mathew is on the fast track to claiming his stake as a household name in South Africa.

We had a chat with Mathew:

Hi there. You released a new album last month. How has the reception been on the release?

I couldn’t be happier. I’m hearing great things from so many countries, it’s good to be Mathew Gold right now.

Haha! How would you describe your new album to a person who hasn’t heard of you before?

It’s an album on the edge of pop and RnB. 14 songs that compliment my vocal in every single way while still being lyrically authentic or honest..

What has been your greatest achievement as an artist in South Africa?

Nothing made me more proud to be a South African singer than the day I sang the national anthem at the 2016 Currie Cup final.

That is awesome! Well done. Which song was your absolute favorite to record?

Easy like Sunday – Produced by Sketchy Bongo, I spent almost two weeks with sketchy Bongo in Durban and during that time we made 2 or 3 songs per day and we wrote, produced and recorded the entire idea within 3 hours. I’ve never made a song that quickly in my life.

How did you come up with the idea behind the Magnetic Field video?

The mastermind and Director is Christian Wolf. He did the most amazing job with building the set and making the most beautiful music video. Simple and beautiful.

Nice. If you could change one thing about the South African music scene, what would it be?

The general standard of live performances.

What is next for you?

Tour the Mathew Gold album.

Last question, how can people get hold of you?

@Mathewgoldmusic on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Photos by Canton Parker