South Africa’s favourite singer/songwriter has finally released his self-titled sophomore album!

Majozi, the album, comes after the release of a two-song release entitled ‘Waiting’ earlier this year. The radio single ‘Waiting’ reached #1 on 5FM Top 10 Pop Chart, Jacaranda SA Top 20 and Jacaranda Chamberlains Top 20.

Majozi shot to fame in 2015 with the release of his single ‘Fire’, which was a major pop radio hit and his feel-good follow up single, ‘Darling’, which endeared MAJOZI to the hearts of his loyal fans nationwide. His debut SAMA nominated album FIRE (which includes the #1 single ‘Breathing’ as well as the hit collaboration with Tresor, ‘The Woods’), was released in 2016.

Majozi already started writing most of the songs on the new album around two years ago, with the recording process starting over a year ago. The new album was once again produced by renowned SAMA Award Nominee, Ewald Jansen Van Rensburg at his studio in Potchefstroom.

Wanting to do something different this time around, most of the songs started out on piano and progressed from there. Featuring themes of superheroes, faith, vulnerability and insecurity, the content of the songs reflects where Majozi was emotionally whilst writing them, as well as where he wanted to be.

“I chose to self-title the album because I don’t think people know exactly who I am; not only as an artist but mostly as a person. This album will hopefully give them a better idea of who I am.”

Putting fear aside and pushing himself creatively, Majozi’s new record is a Pop Soul offering into which he poured his heart and emotions. Honing his piano skills while trying different melodies and cadences, he also brushed up on his synth, keyboard and drum pad skills to deliver a record reflecting the fun he had recording it. He even picked up the old electric guitar again, which resulted in him becoming a Fender ambassador.

“I’ve been sitting with these songs for a while now, so I am very excited to get them out to the world. It is hopefully my most fun album to listen to so far, and fans can look forward to a few happy surprises!”

Majozi Track Listing:

1. Dry The River
2. Waiting
3. Alright
4. Darling Pt 2
5. Somebody
6. Friends
7. Hey Girl
8. I Want Your Love
9. Arrest My Love
10. Lean On My Soul ft. Soweto Gospel Choir
11. Gwen Stacey

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With that said, we had a chat with Majozi…

Hey man. Thanks for your time. Your new album is out today – how excited are you to be releasing new material?

Thank you so much. I’m super excited. It’s been a minute since I released a full project and I can honestly say this is the most fun I’ve had making a project.

What can people expect from Majozi on your sophomore self-titled album?

Be ready for something different from me. I was inspired by a lot of 80’s and 90’s, and the album has a lot more soul than people would expect from me.

How easy or hard is it to release new music in the ever-changing music industry?

It’s all about adapting and doing research into what’s going on, and figuring out how to make it work for you. It’s not easy but doesn’t mean its a bad thing. I actually think this is an exciting time for musicians. I’ve been out the game for a while so I’m interested to see what it’s actually like.

Take us through the recording process – how did it start and come together in the end?

I wrote a lot of the songs about a year before we started recording, a did rough demo’s and built ideas around the production I wanted before taking it to Ewald Janse Van Rensberg a year later to do the actual production. I spent days and sometimes weeks at a time visiting him, recording stuff and working through different sounds. Listening and learning from him as well. I think he’s the best producer in the country so it’s always awesome working for him. In Between I was playing a few shows, doing some writing sessions with Brad Klynsmith and working on other projects. We sent some songs to my label (Universal) and got feedback carried on working until we were all happy on the same page and happy to release the project.

You have one song from the album featuring the Soweto Gospel Choir, how was that experience and working with the iconic group?

It was so so grateful I got to work with them. I’ve always wanted to work with a choir, but I never thought I’d have the honour of it being a Multi Grammy Award-winning choir. They were so professional and just added a whole new level to the song and album.

Where and how can people get hold of the album?

It’s available on all streaming platforms. If it’s not there let us know and we’ll put it on there.

Any last words for all your fans?

Be generous, be kind and never give up. There’s always hope beyond your circumstances.

Photos by Talker Walker