Flower head-bands and straw hats seem to have become a necessity for any festival nowadays, and I never understood the fad, and need for it until I pitched up at The Lumineers show on Saturday to take part in the #Cuervolucion

I attended The Lumineers show at the Emmerentia Dam in Joburg – Joburg has been my Achilles heel when it comes to festivals; I’m always hesitant to venture into the concrete jungle right next to Pretoria. But on Saturday, I decided that I should lay my apprehensions to rest and just go (thanks to the guys at Jose Cuervo who gave us front row seats to the #Cuervolucion). I had to face it, even with the possibility of being burnt…

So on the day, we got there early with the scorching sun on our backs, and I immediately regretted my decision to leave my straw hat at home. The sun was blazing UV rays and cooking all who were making their way to the entrance. Luckily for us, Cuervo organized shaded seating and plenty of drinks for us to keep the heat stroke at bay. The masses of hipsters and the like entered the arena with thier umbrellas, coolers, vintage clothing, and good spirits to do their part in the #Cuervolucion. The area filled up pretty quickly, and in no time the area in front of the stage was packed to the limit.


A few drinks were consumed in the beer garden area with Braaiboy, Shané Mc Mahon, Henno Kruger, Arné Dunckers and Baas de Beer – a few of us had a little too much to drink the night before, but we braved the “Braai Weather” and quickly got into the festivities that the day had to offer. We listened to a few of the opening acts: Majozi stood out for me, they had the crowd at their feet (literally) during their set. “Lekker Groovy Beats Bru” was heard throughout when we trekked to the Jose Cuervo deck for tequilas – the #Cuervolucion was starting!

As soon as The Lumineers appeared on stage, the flower head band girls (with ridiculously high waisted shorts) were on their feet. Their set consisted of all of their tracks from their Self-Titled album, playing almost every song in chronological order. When “Ho Hey” started, no asses were left on the grass, the #Cuervolucion was in full swing. Hands and cell phones were in the air, trying to get a good shot of the band. BUT WAIT! To the amazement of the whole crowd, Wesley Schultz stopped mid-song and asked everyone to put down their phones and cameras, as “The Lumineers were here for them,” and not for the electronic devices… I loved it!

Lumineers south africa

They were nearing the end of their set a few tracks after that, and were then prevented from leaving the stage by the crowd chanting for an encore of note. And of course, they happily obliged, bringing energy and one last “Hoorah” to the crowd, leaving smiles and loved ones in each others arms all around. Love was in the air!

We had a few drinks with the guys from Shortstraw on the Jose Cuervo deck while watching The Lumineers ending off their entertaining encore with an abundance of folk, chilled vibes, and one beautiful beard belonging to Wesley. Capping off a great day in the sun (the sunburn is strong with this one) with loads of Jose Cuervo tequila making the #Cuervolucion a reality!

Thanks to Jose Cuervo for having me as one of their guests, and keeping the drinks flowing throughout. See you next time!

Lumineers jburg