“Summer’s Not That Simple” is the first full-length album from Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys.

The album is an intimate conversation/conjuring expressed with a single voice and a sea of guitars. It is a quiet call to the wild; an attempt to keep the soft animal alive.

The sound drifts between the bareness of the acoustic guitar and the darker, psychedelic approach of the band.

The Lost Boys have been working with Lucy for a number of years and have become her sonic sub-conscious. Their instruments swell, collide and collapse around her to create the strange yet familiar landscape of the album.

Most of the songs were written in a small spare room in the summer of 2016, workshopped with the band in the autumn and recorded in the winter at Digital Forest Studios with Dave Langemann.

The band has been lucky enough to work with Permanent Record who has released the album onto vinyl.

The vinyl package consists of an 180g black & white split color vinyl and printed inner sleeve and will be available at the show along with a selection of merchandise.

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