If you’re asking yourself who the fuck is Angels & Airwaves? Then listen up, this one’s for you. AVA (As they’re like to called) is an American rock super group led by Blink-182 guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge with a few revolving band members. ‘The Adventure’ is the fist single ever released from their first album – We Don’t Need To Whisper – in 2006 . I love this song, it’s probably one of my all time favorite songs, and may even be topping the list.

The album was constantly on repeat when I bought it many moons ago, and ‘till today it’s in my CD pouch (Yeah rocking it old-school). I had a listen to it this morning in the car, and damn. It’s still awesome!


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And in other related AVA news: On April 1, 2014 Tom DeLonge announced via his official Facebook page that the band’s fifth record will be released on Halloween 2014. Fuck Yeah!