Park Acoustics in partnership with Pringles proudly presents Dan Patlansky’s “Perfection Kills” album launch supported by Rubber Duc, Boxer, The Barbosa Experience, Stone Jets and queen of hip hop Lil Bow’.

Dik kiefpiele Park Acoustics wat in jou voorland is. Lekker vibes, befokte musiek en ‘n Sondag piekniek soos geen ander… klink goed? Lees dan verder my bra.

Park Acoustics program:

Pringles Main Stage

10:30 Stone Jets
11:35 The Barbosa Experience
12:40 Boxer
13:45 Rubber Duc
15:00 Dan Patlansky
16:00 Lil Bow’

Sunset Comedy Stage

Nina Hastie
Chris Forest


R140 Online 
R165 Gate

With that said, we had a quick chat with Lil Bow ahead of Park Acoustics this weekend…

Hi there. Thanks for the time to chat. Are you excited to be performing at Park Acoustics again?

The most!

What makes Park Acoustics such a rad jol for you?

I’ve said this so many times but it’s because it’s true and I’m never proven wrong – Pretoria people are the *best* people to party with.

Yes! You’ve played at numerous festivals and shows, what has been your fondest memory of your musical journey?

There are just too many, I’m grateful for all of them. I’m a social person so meeting rad new people is always a highlight for me, and best believe you meet some colourful characters in the music scene. In terms of performance, I’ll give a more recent example (so it’s easier to choose haha). Playing Mieliepop this year back-to-back with Nick Hamman was hella fun! Our styles complimented each other and the dance floor exploded. I’m not sure who had more fun – us or the crowd.

What can people expect from you at Park Acoustics?

Beats. Bass. Dance-offs. Sing-alongs.

Friendly-edgy jams. Friedgly jams. (Yes I made that up.)

Haha! Are there any artists at Park Acoustics that you’re keen on having a chat with?

S/O to the Boxer homies! There are a few artists on the lineup I haven’t seen before, so I’m excited to take in some new music. Dan Patlansky is obviously a legend. I’d like to give him a high 5 for sure.

Who has been the greatest influence in your career?

It’s hard to pin this down to one person. I’d say strong, boss women in music. Since I was little, seeing a frontwoman snarling into a mic whilst destroying a guitar, or a female MC spitting flames into a mic and not only holding her own, but flipping gender roles on their heads, has always captivated and inspired me. You’ll probably hear it in my sets – I’m drawn to female vocals.

Where to next for you?

I’m kinda just taking it as it comes. On a personal level, I want to travel a lot more. If I can squeeze some gigs into that, sho, that would be dope.