If you’re a skater and love hitting up the local park, you’ll know this all too well. It’s the person always in the way, no regard for anyone else, but himself and his thing under his feet… He is “the scooter kid,” and he is everywhere.

We’ve all been snaked by a scooter kid in the past, and if you haven’t, give it time, it’ll happen. While it usually just ends in some frustration and maybe tears from the scooter-wielding kid, Less Than Local’s short film, SKATEBORING: The Etiquette, showcases one incredibly in-depth (and illegal) story that didn’t end so well for the scooter kid. We won’t spoil things too hard for you, but it involves a pair of Osiris D3s.

Watch the video now via Ride Channel.

Life can come at you quick. What would you do?