Kwini Kuza has released their brand new single, Speed of Light, alongside its music video. The band, consisting of teenage prodigies aged 13 and 14 from Durban and Stanger, wrote the song together with their management, and it was produced by internationally acclaimed UK producer Marc JB.

Marc JB has worked with the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Sergio Mendes and has done remixes for Rihanna and Britney Spears. He has over 70 #1 Billboard Dance hits under his belt.

Speed of Light is a song about meeting someone for the first time and instantly falling for them. It plays with the idea of love at first sight; something people experience whether they are 14 or 40. It is a universal message and chosen by the band members as new single because it showcases their musical abilities both instrumentally and vocally.

The video was shot by Hart Media in Durban and directed by Pelisha Somiah with assistant director Dayakar Padayachee. The video was shot over the course of two days at a warehouse and at Moyo On The Pier at uShaka Marine World, Durban. The Kwini Kuza team wanted to create a glamorous video which reflects adult quality regardless of the young age of the musicians.

With that said and in Youth Month – we had a chat to the artists.

Questions answered by Kwini Kuza members Lasandra Majola, Saiyan Naidoo, Sabian Singh, Neo Mooi, Entle Mdletshe and Sipokazi Gebashe

Hi there! What makes you excited about being an upcoming act in South Africa?

Entle: South Africa has a great music scene with lots of styles of music, we love all styles so we can mix different ideas and in South Africa people like it. People like something that is different, and people like to dance!

True. How was the experience of recording and filming “Speed of Light”

Saiyan: We really enjoyed the recording process for our single, ‘Speed of Light’, as well as filming the music video for the song. We love recording in the studio, it is a great experience and makes us better as young musicians.

Who has been your greatest influence in your musical career?

Lasandra: We all like different artists, my favourite is Whitney Houston and between us we like Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Migos and many more. We like new artists as well as older artists.

Great choices. What message do you want your music to convey to the public?

Sipokazi: We want our music to make people happy. We are young and enjoy having fun with music so we hope people feel that when they hear our songs.

Of course they will 😉 With who would you like to perform on a stage in the future, and why?

Sabian: The Weeknd because he has a great voice and great songs, he would be really cool to perform with.

Nice. What is next for Kwini Kuza?

Neo: We are going to Joburg in July to perform on some TV shows and do gigs. We are also playing at the Stanger Fair on 30 June which is headlined by Kwesta this year!

Last question, how can people get hold of you?

Lasandra: We are on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as Kwini Kuza. Those are the best places to contact our manager. We also have our music videos and live performances on Youtube.

Cover photo by Hart Media