Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck looks like one of the most powerful documentaries to hit our screens.

If you don’t know who Kurt Cobain is, go and listen to your Bieber record again. Cobain was the iconic frontman for Nirvana – one of the greatest bands ever. I spent my adolescent years in primary school listening to Nirvana, they were one of my all time favorite bands, even though I was a little tyke. Everyone connected with their music (we were rebels) and the way they gave society the middle finger.

We now have a documentary that gives us a very personal and in-depth look at the life of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and it’s really an eye-opener.

It’s really a deep and dark intimate look into the life of this great – but troubled – artist. Kurt was pretty messed up as an individual, it was really scary and sad seeing how bad he got. Through his journal entries and audiotapes you really get a sense that this guy was on a trajectory that didn’t have a happy ending. We guess it’s not entirely his fault, though.

The film was directed by Brett Morgan, and here’s an excerpt from the synopsis:

While Cobain craved the spotlight even as he rejected the trappings of fame, his epic arc depicts a man who stayed true to his earliest punk rock convictions, always identifying with the “outsider” and ensuring the music came first.

The film hits UK theaters on April 10th, and airs only on HBO beginning on May 4th.