While half of the rockers and metalheads gathered at The Good Luck Bar for Blood Brothers, the other half gathered at Sundowners in Alberton for the 2017 installment of Krank’d Up.

The previous years gave us some of the best face-melting international bands such as Protest The Hero, Monuments, 36 Crazy Fists, Periphery, Dead Letter Circus and Unearth and this year was no different! The guys (read legends) at Turning Tricks Entertainment managed to bring us Intervals and Memphis May fire and how awesome it was!

Now, as with any festival, you always get your awesome local bands on the bill which included Held On Till May, Megalodon, After Robot, My Columbine, albinobeach, Mezzanine Floor and many, many more. One of my personal favourite local bands, Maximum Carnage, announced on Facebook that they won’t be playing the gig and they are no more due to ‘inconsolable differences’ (whatever that may mean). What a pity as I was ready to headbang my neck into a three-week spasm.

I am not one to point out favourites but… Wait, I am lying! I am gonna tell you exactly who and what stood out for me at Krank’d Up this year!

First and foremost, a band from Pretoria called ‘Deadline’. You say spandex, I say Deadline. These guys are such a treat to watch and I have absolutely no idea why they are not the next big thing. They have as much energy on stage as Bruce Dickinson and that is no joke. They also treated us to a proper Dio cover. Do you know ‘Holy Diver’? No? Then you are too young! I think they should have opened for Iron Maiden last year. Or maybe not… Then we would have been treated to two Iron Maiden bands. Is there anything wrong with two Iron Maidens?

Then, another of my favourite local bands (with local, I mean Snor City), I AM! Mootpop pappie! Moot tot die dood! Okay, I am gonna stop with the Moot references now. These guys (and girl) are lekker! It was my first time seeing them live and I want to kick myself for not seeing them prior to Krank’d Up. Dit was lekker vibes julle! Happy mense op stage wat happy musiek maak! We need more of these bands!

Our good friends at State Society also played at Krank’d Up sadly for their very last time in a while. I recall one very drunk night playing beer pong with them at Aandklas en fokkit, was ons vir jou dronk! These rockers have decided to take a temporary break from the band after 7 years of gigging all over the country. I had a chat with Clifford afterward and he explained to me why they made the decision to go on a little hiatus and it makes complete sense. Now, don’t be sad. As I said, it is only temporary and these dad rockers will be back soon enough to make love to your eardrums once again!

Now, the next band I want to mention holds a special place in my heart (since Krank’d Up that is since I have never heard their music prior to that). De fokken Wallen! Wat ‘n lekker band! Jinne! Die ouens weet hoe om ‘n party aan die gang te kry! Taking some pics at Krank’d Up too, these guys were a treat to ‘mik en druk’ at. Ek het lanklaas so lekker gegroove op ‘n band se musiek. Well done ouens! Keep up the awesome shit that you do!

We were treated to a bunch of lekker instrumental bands at Krank’d Up but there was one band in particular (except for Intervals) that stood out for me and that was Savage Lucy. I had a chat the other night with a buddy and we spoke about how instrumental bands should bring something special to the table as there are no vocals to keep one interested. And that is exactly what Savage Lucy did. If you haven’t heard their music before, give it a shot. Even if you are not THAT into instrumental music.

Another instrumental band that was quite lekker was OhGod. Never heard of them prior to Krank’d Up but glad that I have heard of them now. Also, quite a treat to watch!

What does Red Helen and Vulvodynia have in common? Hulle is hard and they have the same bassist! These two bands were awesome! It was the first time I have seen Vulvodynia and they bring something to the stage that cannot really be described. Dit was hard en dit was morsig! Red Helen is a name on everyone’s lips as they have made their mark in the SA music scene and they have reason to have made their mark. As you may or may not know, the represented the R.S. of A at Wacken in Germany a couple of years ago, so there is just another reason why I believe that they are certainly one of the coolest metal bands SA has to offer.

Now, this is where the fuck up came in. Dit was warm. Die HELE dag! And then, it started to rain. Dit het gepis. And then it got cold. Now, unfortunately, the rain and the stage rig didn’t get along so nicely. Quickly went to the car prior to Intervals and when I came back… Just darkness! I ask the security guard there what’s up and he tunes me “Die weerlig het alles uitgebliksem!”. This, of course, resulted in a delay with regards to Intervals taking the stage but kudos to the organizers for sorting it out as soon as they could and still making sure the fans got what they came for.

After about 45 minutes to an hour, Intervals took to the stage and jinne! Earlier in this review I spoke about instrumental bands having to bring something special to the table and Intervals is die hele blerrie tafel! Basslines is smooth AF. Riffs en licks wat jou tone laat omkrul (if Intervals is reading this by any chance, that translates to music making us orgasm), and drum fills and beats that makes any lady want to get with her man! These guys were truly something special and even after Krank’d Up, I have been gooi-ing Intervals on the YouTube! Turns out that Canadians are not just polite, but they make fucking good music…

Memphis May Fire, the reason why so many people rocked up at Sundowners. They also killed it. I mean really killed it. These guys know how to make festival grounds vibrate with their kak hard music. There is not much to say about Memphis May Fire, or actually, there is, but it is going to take me an eternity to pen down the words I have to describe this band. You know a band is good when people stick around during cold and rain and hour delays just to watch their favourite bands take the stage. I once heard a headlining band say that they always wanted to have headline slots at festivals and when they finally got it, the people that they thought would rock up were much less than anticipated because people get tired and drunk and then went home, but then they realised it is the true fans that would wait 12 hours for their favourite bands to take the stage and that is what they wanted, to play real music to real fans. And this was exactly one of those situations. I saw people leaving because they got smashed, got dronkverdriet, were cold due to the rain, got annoyed because of delays, but still there were enough people left to show Memphis May Fire exactly why we have some of the best music fans in the world. Memphis May Fire played their hearts out to a crowd that poured their hearts out and it was majestic! I would give my left testicle (or right, whichever one doesn’t have an effect on me reproducing) to see them visit us again.

All in all, what a great event. To Duncan, Wayne and Spencer, kudos to you for organizing such a great event. Even with the unforeseen circumstances, you still managed to pull off one of my favourites gigs of my year each and every year. I don’t even have Oppikoppi FOMO because I got my proper music fix from Krank’d Up!