You may have heard that Jurassic Park features dinosaurs that weren’t even around during the Jurassic era. You know those people, always complaining about every single thing! We even saw an article published 3 months ago, about how Jurassic World is going to be one hell of a flop. EL OH EL dude, EL OH EL!

But most people understand that Jurassic Park is just the name of a theme park and not necessarily a historically accurate designation for the time period in which you could have found the park’s dinos.

The guys at College Humor certainly understand the concept , but they also thought they’d have some fun by making an animated video that imagines what Steven Spielberg’s classic film might have looked like if it did actually hold true to the various geologic eras.

Just wait for the Jeff Goldblum impression, wait for it! It’s golden!