Social Media can be a tricky business. One wrong word and you’re scarred for life. The internet does not forget, nor does it have mercy when you mess up. With that said, let’s take a look into the life of Social Media as a whole and what does it entail for a manager:

The Social Media Manager is a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and a passion for connecting with current and future customers. That passion comes through as he/she engages with customers on a daily basis, with the ultimate goal of turning fans into customers.

Community leadership and participation (both online and offline) are integral to a Social Media Manager’s success. An essential component is communicating the company’s brand in a positive, authentic way what will attract today’s modern, hyper-connected buyers.

The Social Media Manager is instrumental in managing the company’s content-related assets. Google’s #1 search ranking factor is relevant content (content that serves the searchers needs the best). It’s clear then that managing content should be part of the Social Media Manager’s Job Description.

That’s what it is. Now, let’s take a look at Schivas’ apparent Junior Social Media Manager, named Justin.*

Where you can find Justin

Where you can find Justin

First things first, Justin is a person who had an unfortunate incident where his keyboard broke, and sadly left him without a Caps Lock button. Justin has been forced to write in shouting-font. Justin has the computer skills to change passwords and manipulate other admins on a page to think that he’s in complete control. Justin is a good kid, but we suspect that the Caps Lock incident really left its mark…

Straight after Justin's keyboard incident

Straight after Justin’s keyboard incident

Although Justin means well, he is quick to point out others’ flaws in profile pictures, and he doesn’t like people who are not from his valley. In truth, Justin has a penchant for telling people who reside in Johannesburg to go back West… Justin just failed to mention that he was born and raised in the ghetto. Talk with him and you’ll know. He wasn’t satisfied, with living on the side. He started looking around, for a possibility…

Okay, back to Social Media and our man of the hour, dear Justin. If you’re a social media manager (even a Junior), best to remember to not bring your personal preferences and such into your replies and comments. What you like, may not appeal to others. Like Harry Potter references. Some people are just not fans of the “The boy who lived” and mudbloods. I mean, who doesn’t like a mudblood. But, don’t be an asshole about it.

Let’s get to a very serious topic, Trolling. Much like any other page or person, you will find the occasional trolls. They are sometimes difficult to deal with and may even kak you out for taking them on. But, much like his Caps Lock, Justin was on in the trolling game… unfortunately, it was on his own page… Aitsa.

One thing that we can give Justin credit for, is his knack for replying super fast. His keyboard may be in a deteriorating state, but it works like a charm in replies. One more thing that we are quite concerned about is Justin and the owner’s relationship… we cannot confirm nor deny that Justin is currently at work or at home. In each case, wouldn’t it be easier for the owner and his poor pooch (who is the real victim here) to drive to Justin or just call him? A phone call beats a comment on a public forum every single day. Justin is clearly in control… Justin is currently flying high, on what we don’t know.

With all of this said, let’s recap Justin’s responsibilities as the junior social media manager.

Attend to comments and complaints – YES. He made an effort to talk to everyone and replied within minutes (Facebook acknowledges this, well done Justin)

Take and improve on criticism – YES. He took the criticism like a champ and even gave advice to other people. Such as stay in the West (which is really helpful, considering the state of Schivas)

Report to owner and business partners – YES. Justin and the owner clearly do not have a communication problem. They talk to each other all the time. Very helpful.


Content Creation – YES. The content created by Justin is any manager’s wet dream, it became viral. Who can say that?

Leadership – YES. Justin took the lead here, as seen in the numerous posts. When the owner was away, he took it upon himself to set the record straight for Schivas. Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they just need a keyboard, and a missing Caps Lock button…

Connecting with customers – YES. Justin connected like no other manager, he was attentive to every single person who commented. He was insightful towards their appearance and location. He made a note of it to point it out. He had an eye for detail.

Attracting people – YES. Justin took an incident and made Schivas famous in one single morning.

We would like to congratulate Justin on his achievements this morning. He put Schivas onto the map. No one will ever forget what you did here today, Justin. For more of Justin’s work, check out this link.

*if only Justin was real 🙁