As it turns out, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter really was. Well, sort of…

We learned that German company Constantin Film is developing a full-on reboot of the Resident Evil film franchise, with plans to create a whole new franchise with up to six total installments. Hungry for more? Brad teased a huge producer announcement, and now it’s been announced that James Wan (Saw, Dead Silence, Insidious, The Conjuring) has come aboard to produce the first film in the rebooted series! Yes, in James’ hands, it can only be a winner!

Deadline broke the news, also revealing that Greg Russo (Mortal Kombat) will be scripting the franchise-starter. A director for the Constantin, Atomic Monster and Screen Gems film has not yet been hired.

Paul W.S. Anderson wrapped up Alice’s (Milla Jovovich) story with this year’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, so we can only speculate the new franchise will bring the property back to its more terrifying roots. With Wan on board, that seems like a real safe bet.

Based on the Capcom video game, the series launched in 2002 with Paul W.S. Anderson directing, and Anderson, Jeremy Bolt, Bernd Eichinger, and Samuel Hadida producing the first of a six-movie series. The Resident Evil movie franchise has earned $1.2 billion worldwide to date, making it Europe’s most successful independent horror genre movie franchise in history and the highest-grossing film series to be based on a video game.