The second album by Jack Parow just hit the shelves a few days ago, cleverly named Eksie Ou. And what an album it is, it doesn’t disappoint, it is loud, fokken woes and will leave you with a lekker taste of brannewyn in your mouth afterwards. Parow released the album through his own label Parowphernalia and features some big names like Francois Van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar,Van Coke Kartel), Dawid Kramer, Pierre Greeff (Die Heuwels Fantasties), Gazelle, Haezer, Sibot and PH Fat.

It starts off  with heavy beats that hits you harder than a triple brannewyn with the title track that is as funny as it is true, and moves on to the super catchy Laat ons Suip, which basically put me in such a party mood that I had to have a few Brannewyne last night, it is that good.

Biscuits and Biltong featuring the legendary Dawid Kramer will become a hit song, and undoubtedly be played in cars in Snor City at full blast while racing down Voortrekkerweg for pink slips. Hard partytjie hou is probably the reason I admire Jack Parow, he doesn’t give a fuck who he offends and who is listening to his music, the line that defines the song and will be talked about as much as his long hat has got to be: “As jy van die liedjie hou, poes vir Nicolas Louw”

The rest of the tracks are simply fucking brilliant and very well written lyrics that flows like 5 tequilas on a Friday night, Last Laugh is one of those tracks that will instantly make you laugh and admire Jack’s attitude to life, Fuck all the cool kids, he has the last laugh!

I have left the last to the song that is one of the best I have ever heard, Welkom Terug reminds me of Fokofpolisiekar’s Ek Skyn Heilig or his previous album’s track Tussen Stasies. The lyrics are excellent and show that Jack Parow is not just a one trick pony; with Pierre from Die Heuwels Fantaties he makes a track that will be one of the classics in time.

An album that has not yet left my car radio and will definitely be one of those that I can’t have a fokken braai without, I give Eksie Ou a double thumbs up.

Parow will be performing his new tunes at the following venues during December:

8 December – Plett Rage
10 December – Big Top Arena, Carnival City
21 December – Struisbaai, MK Avontoer
23 December – Langebaan, MK Avontoer
31 December – Jeffrey’s Bay beachfront