Skate 3 is the third installment in the Skate series, and was released on May 11, 2010. It’s more fun and realistic than any of the games in the Tony Hawk franchise, and has a free feel about it. It provides countless hours of fun and gets you sucked in with the gameplay; it’s much harder than the nollie-double backside flip-overcrook-heelflip-frontside bluntslide-360 flip out revert-nose manual-nollie inward heelflip-manual-ollie melon off a 28 set-manual-pop shove-it (things you get in Tony Hawk). Instead, you struggle your ass off just to kickflip boardslide a 5 set.


It’s not everyone’s glass of brandy, and will certainly leave most people frustrated with the real-life feel concept. But the main issue with the game is; it’s so damn hard to find! I got a few frowns from a nearby game outlet when I asked if they had it in stock, his answer followed: ‘We had one in stock for a day’. Yeah it sucks so badly. The nearby DVD shop has ONE in stock, which I rent way too often, and always leaves me feeling like a sad panda when I have to give it back.

I know a guy who I shall not name, who rented a copy from a DVD shop that must also not be named, and kept it, and then just paid the fee for “losing” it. Easy as that, no hassles at all. It may raise a few eyebrows from folks. Back to the point, I just can’t find the game at all, and I am a bit hesitant on buying it online from third party sellers. So, if you have a copy of it and want to get it off your thumbs, drop me a line. Note that I am looking for a PS3 copy of the game.