The Grind Radio found a new home!

The Grind Radio is moving on up to the next level, and just a little farther from the Norfff. They found a brand spanking new (still in construction) home over at Arcade Empire. They’re still busy pimping out their new studio as we speak. We think the new venue kicks ass, but only time will tell if it’s a good move… who are we kidding?! It’s a great move!


In case you didn’t know: The Grind Radio had a beloved home at Aandklas but decided to move it to Arcade Empire (read here for more information)

They posted a video this morning on the progress and what you can expect from the new venue. They will also be having a “housewarming” makietie to celebrate the move – you can check out the event right here.

Lekker manne! Befok lekker!