A few weeks ago, I went to an invitational event at Wolmer Bush Lounge to have a look at a band named Joe Termite. With all honesty, I’ve never heard of the band before, and didn’t know what to expect from them.

I was given a seat close to the stage area to have a look at the band, and to form an opinion on them, seeing as I’m apparently a judgemental person <—-LOL As soon as Joe Termite started, I was quite surprised at the sound coming from the band… It was uplifting, but still had a dark tone to it. It’s quite a strange sound to fully explain: it reminded me a lot of Staind, but a more upbeat Staind (if you’re getting what I’m saying). It might be the lead singer who looks a little bit like Aaron Lewis that had me leaning towards Staind…

Joe termite

It looked like the members were dealing with a serious case of the nerves when their set started, making small talk, and nervously laughing. However, as soon as they got into the swing of things, they performed like seasoned musicians: effortlessly going through a well rehearsed set (This was apparently their second show?) and receiving applause at the end of each track.

Well done, Joe Termite: a “young and upcoming” band starting off their journey in the musical world. We here at Why Ed wish you guys all the best!

For more information: Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or check out their website.

And topping it all off, check out how they go about their band practise thanks to Eskom:

Joe termite