Seattle based doom duo, Year of the Cobra, have proven that you don’t need a big band to produce massive and infectious heaviness. Recalling power-duo’s like Jucifer, Amy’s vocals and “Rig of Doom” are doubly impressive as she wrings power chords and melodies from a 4-string Rickenbacker, all backed by Jon’s appropriately huge and cavernous drumming.

Since their inception in 2015, Year of the Cobra has garnered a lot of attention. After being discovered by famed Pacific Northwest blog site Doomed and Stoned in early 2015, they started to amass a solid following. The early rough mixes they released eventually became their debut EP, The Black Sun (2015). 2016 saw extensive touring and the Billy Anderson (Sleep, Melvins, High on Fire etc.) produced debut full length, In The Shadows Below, released by STB Records.

After their latest EP, Burn Your Dead (2017), released by Magnetic Eye Records, Year of the Cobra hit the road hard with appearances at Hell Over Hammaburg (Germany), Upstream Festival, and Psycho Las Vegas. With excitement at full steam, YOTC has kept the ball rolling in 2018 with a full European tour and two full US tours highlighted by appearances at Freak Valley Festival (Germany), Stoned Meadow of Doom (US), and Prophecy Festival (US). Their highly anticipated second full length is slated for release on Prophecy Productions in 2019.

With that said, we had a quick chat with Jon and Amy from Year of the Cobra.

Hi there. Thanks for your time for a quick chat. You’ve just started working with a South African agency. How did that come about?

Hey! Plug Music Agency from South Africa reached out to us, we traded a few emails back and forth and felt like it would be a great fit. We’re really excited to be working with them!

There is a talk of a possible South African tour in the future for Year of the Cobra. Has that been a goal to tour South Africa in the future, or just to tour around the world?

Yes, it’s very exciting news for us. Touring SA was never a goal, mainly because we thought it was too far out of reach, distance-wise and we didn’t know (until now) any bands, promoters or agencies. Luckily, all that has changed and we have some great people that are willing to help get us there.

Burn your Dead was released in 2017, and it has been quite a crazy few months for you guys. Touring to Germany and such. Did you expect the craziness that followed after Burn your Dead?

It’s always unexpected. It’s a nerve-racking experience putting music or any sort of art out. You pour everything you have into something, and then you have it blasted out on a totally public forum where anyone can comment and share. So, to have people really enjoy it, it’s quite rewarding… and a relief, haha!

Ruff Majik from South Africa also played at Freak Valley in June, did you meet the guys at the festival? Because we heard that they are keen to do a States tour with Year of the Cobra in the future?

Unfortunately, we played Freak Valley Fest on different days, so we didn’t get to see or meet them. Hopefully, we get some stuff lined up in 2019 with those guys!

Your second full length is slated for release in 2019. Have you started the process yet? And any idea of what people can expect from you guys?

Yes, we are neck-deep in the writing process as we speak. With any YOTC release, there’s never any real thought of what direction or vibe we want to go in – we just start writing songs and keep the ones that resonate and get us excited. I think BURN YOUR DEAD is a great example of that – while it definitely still sounds like YOTC, it’s a lot more diverse and takes more chances than our first record did.

What is next for Year of the Cobra?

We have a headlining US tour for this coming August, with an appearance at Stoned Meadow of Doom festival in Omaha, Nebraska. After that, we’ll start recording some demos for the new album until we hit the road again in November. We’ll continue to write new songs throughout the year and should be ready to record in January of 2019. We have some tours being worked on for 2019 already, and if all goes as planned, touring in South Africa will part of those plans! We’ll keep you posted! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us – cheers!