Park Acoustics welcomes back every woman’s boy crush… Matthew Mole along with Pretoria’s folk favorite Klopjag, Jozi’s mean rap crew VAN PLETZEN, P-Town indie noise gang We Are Charlie, Cape Town blues collective Basson Laubscher & The Violent Free Peace and new kids on the block Half-Sister

Comedy will keep a smile on your slightly dronk face with Jason Goliath, Donovan Goliath and Nicholas Goliath.

Pringles Main Stage

11:00 Half-Sister
12:05 Basson Launscher & the Violent Free Peace
13:10 We Are Charlie
14:20 Klopjag
15:30 Matthew Mole
16:30 Van Pletzen

Sunset Comedy Stage

Jason Goliath
Donovan Goliath
Nicholas Goliath


R100 Early bird (Only 400 available)
R135 Online 
R160 Gate

With that said, we had a chat with Matthew Mole…

Hi Matthew. Thanks for your time. How excited are you to be back at the next Park Acoustics?

I’ve had the enormous privilege of playing quite a few Park Acoustics shows over the past few years and it remains one of my favourite shows to play! So I’m super, super excited for this one!

What can the fans expect from Matthew Mole at Park Acoustics?

I’ve made a lot of changes/additions to my live set since the last time I played at Park Acoustics – so it will be new for me and for anyone else that has seen my play there before. Lots of crowd interaction!

What makes Park Acoustics such a rad event for you?

In general, all shows in Pretoria are amazing – and that’s because of the people. The people in Pretoria are some of the best, especially when they are all together. Park Acoustics has done an amazing job of building up an incredible audience and dedicated fan base at their events, so it makes it a million times better!

You’ve been involved in the South African music scene for a couple of years. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Trust yourself. Don’t let everyone else push their views and opinions on you.

What has been your absolute best memory on your musical journey?

Meeting all sorts of people has been the best part. Ranging from people in Europe that can’t speak a word of English, to hanging out with the Springboks!

Any last words for the fans of Park Acoustics?

Thanks for being such an amazing bunch of people, dedicated to supporting the local industry!

Photos by Louwrens Lemmer