ark Acoustics is celebrating 8 years… yes! 8 YEARS of providing the best music to the Capital on 21 May 2017.

Over 70 Park events, 150 acts, millions of memories, making new tjommies and being rof on a Sunday. What started out as an intimate Sunday concert, have blossomed into one of the biggest and longest going monthly music concerts in the country. Park Acoustics is your first stop on a Sunday.

Their line-up is legendary with headliners Fokofpolisiekar, Silverton bad boys, Black Cat Bones, Jhb’s garage kids, The Tazers, Centurion’s eclectic Late Night Fox, the charming sound of The Sextons and their main man Moe Joe on the decks.

Comedy will have you smiling from ear to ear with Alyn Adams, Lazola Gola and Chris Forrest.

We had a chat with The Tazers ahead of their performance at Park Acoustics this Sunday:

Yo! Thanks for chatting to us before Park Acoustics. What is the mood in The Tazers camp about performing at Park?

We’re all very excited about it (especially Guido)! Park Acoustics is a household name that many bands in the SA scene would kill to play at. It’s all that Pretoria GEES mixed with an excuse to get dag dronk. Tim and Jethro have had a taste of a Park Acoustics with HeyBangDead and they were blown away by how many people were there from the moment the venue opened. Park Acoustics = a damn good sunday.

Lekker! What can the people expect from The Tazers on stage?

An aural equivalent of your Afrikaans uncle’s idea of a ‘double’ brandy and coke. In other words some sweet, strong and intoxicating rock and roll.

What has been your proudest moment of performing in The Tazers?

Tim: Starting a mosh pit at the yuppy filled Rocking The Daisies 😉
Guido: Playing shows in PE is always special. When we return to Tim & Jeth’s hometown it always brings out a bitchin’ performance and I feel honored to play with them.
Jethro: Walking onto stage at OppiKoppi and seeing a sea of prawns awaiting our set was a really proud moment for me.

Haha! What is the strangest thing that has happened to you guys while on stage?

We’re still waiting for that strange moment. Maybe someone could help us break our ‘strange on stage virginity’ at Park Acoustics.
Off stage, however: we got given 2k in cold hard cash once by some random dude after our set at Manila Bar in CT. We didn’t buy Mcdonalds.

Jinne… If you could perform at one festival, which one would it be?

‘70s WOODSTOCK with Jimi Hendrix. Does anyone have a Time Machine?

What does the future hold for The Tazers?

We’re writing & recording an album. We’ve also just hosted our first festival, so planning next year will commence shortly too. #BoogyCentral

Where can people find you next?

We’re taking a bit of a hiatus after our Love Machine tour. We’ve got a couple shows here and there, but for the most part we’ll be in studio recording the new album.

Photos by Frans Borman