Oppikoppi is done and dusted. We made memories and had a jol in the dust. The festival was one of the best in terms of artists and the whole vibe. There were loads of people, each of them having a great time. However, there is one individual who stands out for us, every single year he “markets” Oppikoppi like crazy, every day, all year. His name is Stephen “Stifler” Mogapi. You may have seen him in the dustbowl, sporting his iconic jacket with all his Oppikoppi badges for the world to see. If you haven’t seen him, you never experienced Oppikoppi.

Stephen lives in Northam, close to Oppikoppi. He is also the winner of the fist Naked Mile dash. Respect! When Oppikoppi ends, he talks about it, if Oppikoppi is upon us, he talks about it. Stephen lives and breathes Oppikoppi. That is the reason why we just had to talk to the legend himself.

Thanks for the time to talk to us! You’ve been to many Oppikoppi’s, do you still remember your first?

Yeah, my first Oppi was OPPIKOPPI WIRED 2005, I was too scared of white people that time.

We’re all not that bad 😉 Which Oppikoppi was your favorite?

Yay, my favorite Oppikoppi was SWEET THING 2012, I was so excited when Oppikoppi organizers announced BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, ENTER SHIKARI, EAGLES OF DEATH METAL and SEETHER.

That was a great one! Personally, your best Oppikoppi memory?

The first time to win the NAKED RUN that was absolute madness.

Stephen Mogapi

Well done on that. Which artists have you had a few beers with at Oppikoppi, that stood out for you?

Jacob Wulani, the lead singer from Tidal Waves… Original Music For Original People!

Would you ever stop going to Oppikoppi?

No, no, no! I’m attending Oppi every year, it is my second home, I can’t live without Oppikoppi. I eat Oppikoppi, Poes Oppikoppi, Sleep Oppikoppi, klaar!

Hahaha! You’ve been referred to as the Oppikoppi mayor, is there anything you would change at Oppikoppi?

Yeah! I want to have my own street name called STIFLER STREET.

Rocking. Hilltop, get on that! Do you go to the farm before or after Oppikoppi to have a “kuier”?

I always go to the Top Bar to have couples of drinks, check out view, cause the waiting is killing me to wait for the festival in August.

Same bro, any words for people who haven’t been to Oppikoppi?

If you think Oppi is a kak festival, you’re missing out on a lot of madness. It’s a jol, crazy friends and lekker tunes. Some of black people they think that Oppikoppi is a music festival for white people… NO! I always show them how we roll, IN DUST WE TRUST!!

What is your goal every year at Oppikoppi?

Every year I want to meet new friends, one thing fo sho.

Great answer. Last question, is Northam the same if Oppikoppi isn’t happening?

Nope, it is boring and only busy in August. I wish Oppikoppi was every month!!!

Hell yeah! We would like to thank Stephen for his time. He is a rocking human! Be sure to give him a high five when you see him at Oppikoppi next year. He is a legend!