South African poprock band Slow Jack has just released their third single ‘Ode to the Future’. The group that was first seen on stage in January 2016, has been rocking the local music scene, with growing international interest in their music.

Listen to the single here!

‘Ode to the Future’ was produced by Slow Jack, recorded by Digital Forrest and mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning Los Angeles-based John Paterno. Paterno from international acclaimed studio Music Da Foz is known for his attention to detail. He has worked with renowned international artists including Faith Hill, Robbie Williams, Glee Soundtrack, Tim McGraw and Sheryl Crow to name a few.

“I’m really happy to have made the connection with Slow Jack. It was great fun being involved with the mix. There is a great future for this band.” – John Paterno.

The members of Slow Jack are Hannes Muller (vocals and guitar), Jayme van Tonder (vocals and violin), Jeandre Schultz (lead guitar), Andre Skywalker (bass) and Adrian Fowler (percussion).
On the composition of ‘Ode To The Future’ the band says: “Back in October 2015, it was our ‘Ode’ to release the band and be an active part of the South African Music Industry, now 15 months later our ‘Ode’ has progressed so much. We are extremely excited for what the future holds and to reach the next step in our careers and most of all – We cannot wait for you to hear our ‘Ode To The Future’”.

The music video of the single was filmed during the band’s live performance at the new year`s eve concert in Cape Town’s Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

The single premiered exclusively on 5FM on 19th April and the video debuted on MNET DSTV Channel 101 on the 20th of April.

In May 2017 Slow Jack will be on tour on their way to STRAB. Keep an eye on the band’s Facebook page or Website for details!

With that said, we had a chat with the band before STRAB kicks off!

Hi, guys. Thanks for taking the time to chat. How has the reception been on your latest single?

The response has been great. We have gained new fans and have been receiving continues positive feedback since the release. With the video being playlisted on Mnet, we are reaching out to a new market, which is awesome.

That’s great! What is the main influence behind the single?

The day to day needs to make a better life for the future and learning from past hurdles.

th-African border as a band [swimming across the Orange River, doesn’t really count]. So that’s pretty exciting. Besides going to STRAB we are so keen for the drive up with the lads from Travel Designer and Roving Places. Slow Jack on the road always makes for real good fun!

Nice! People are going to love you! Any surprises for the people seeing you guys at STRAB for the first time?

From what we’ve heard we might be in for a few surprises ourselves.

Such as a Bikini run… What do you think defines “success” as an artist in South Africa?

Everyone has different views of what success mean, but I guess when you’re feeling content with what you’ve achieved. The South African music industry is tough, and I think there are not many artists that are privileged enough to succeed.

What is next for Slow Jack?

Writing and refining previously written music and ultimately releasing a full-length album.

Last question, where can people find you online or get hold of you?

We are on all social media platforms @slowjackmusic or visit our website