Welcome to Pop Art.

This is not about the scene. It’s about a creative journey, an experience of live entertainment. Crossing the boundaries of electronica to bring an interactive show that’s coupled with a whirlwind of original music.

Two unique minds unite with influences ranging from indie disco, house, techno and 80s grooves. The combination sees the production and technical skills of Ricky meeting the ecstatic musicality and vocal prowess of Martin, an arrangement that induces a dreamlike state in audiences. Creatively it’s perfectly in sync allowing them to make their way to Sankeys Nightclub UK as well as open for Miguel Campbell, Berlin beat smiths Dr. Dru and Andre Crom. Locally the duo has played alongside Niskerone and Ryan Murgatroyd at establishments that have also held host to bands such as Desmond and The Tutus. Punters across the country can usually catch these two at events such as Park Acoustics, It’s Personal Picnic, Suburban State, ERA Nightclub (CPT), Truth Nightclub, Hot On Top and have played their first Oppikoppi (2015) festival and rocked the daises in 2016.

We caught up with PopArtLive before their show at the Voortrekker Monument for Halloween.

Thanks for having a chat with us. How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

We’ve known each other since high school and have been in the same musical circles since then. We hooked up on a remix about 4 years ago and since then we’ve have been making music together.

Lekker! How would you describe a PopArtLive performance?

Electric, eclectic, elastic and engaging. We’re all about creating a unique experience for ravers at our shows. It’s not just about playing a song; it’s about creating a moment for people that they will remember forever. Doesn’t matter whether its 5 people at a show or 2000 people, we play our hardest and all the best music we’ve made.

What’s your personal favorite memory of playing in PopArtLive?

That’s a tricky one because there really are so many but I’d say one of our favourite memories was definitely Oppikoppi 2015. It was our biggest show at that point and we decided we would play a whole bunch of music we had never played before. Taking that huge risk and seeing the response was mad – that’s why we do what we do.

Does it ever get competitive between artists out there?

It gets competitive but that’s all part of the fun of playing music isn’t it? Competition keeps things fresh and opens up so much space for innovation. More importantly though, we’ve come to realize that collaboration is much more important than competition in music because there’s a huge space for learning. So if there are any musicians out there that want to collab, send us music!

Send your music! Are you guys doing anything special for Halloween, other than the show at the Monument?

Halloween, since we’ve begun what we do, has been an important date on our calendar. And now being a part of Halloween at the Monument, the only thing we’ll be doing is partying in this space. We’re mad keen to hear Push Push, Sol Gems and Thor Rixon!


What tunes are feeling especially fantastic to play live?

We have some tracks we recently dropped at Rocking The Daisies that our fans in Pretoria haven’t heard yet. We’re not gonna say much more and rather let the music do the talking 😉

Awesome! What are you most excited about as an artist in South Africa?

We’re excited to break boundaries that no one else has even come close to. Over the next year we have some plans in the works that will set us apart not only in South Africa but in the world. If you want to know more you’ll have to just keep an eye on us.

Biggest show/festival that you have ever played?

We worked hard to get the time slot we got at Daisies this year and it meant playing to thousands of ravers in the Eletrodome. It was mental. And we went fucking hard. It was cool to play new music in a different city that ravers took to without having heard it before. But as much as we love playing these huge productions, playing ridiculously huge shows is not the point of what we do. There are some club nights that happen around the country that are so mental that it feels like you’re playing to 3 thousand people when in fact you’re in a room with 500. Quality over quantity any day.

Are there any surprises in store for the fans that will be attending Halloween?

Yeah we’ve got some gems and some unique moments that will be created but you’ll have to meet us on the dance floor to find out what they are.

Last question. Where can people find you online?

You can find us on www.soundclud.com/popartlive www.facebook.com/popartlive www.instagram.com/popartlive

Thanks for the chat, guys. Be sure to catch their set at Halloween!