Master Simz, a producer/DJ with great background of music who has made a name for himself across the province of Gauteng, South Africa.

Many years of production knowledge is what encourages this artist to grow and create a mature sound with uplifting vocals accompanied by warm driving basslines.
Since his 1st release on Big Poppa Records (SA) in 2009, he has had the honor of featuring more releases on labels such as Blue Gritt Records (UK), Fish Rec. (UK), Bone Idle (UK), Local Lingo Records (SA), Punch Records (SA), Immoral Music (SA), On A Break Records (SA), Chameleon Muzik (UK), Enamoured Recordings (UK) & NuPanda Records (UK).
His music has received many applause over the years from local and international artists which keeps him striving on to produce the feel good House Music.

With a DJ career that began in 2009, he has been striving to keep his main goal to “share his only love for music to all”.
“Even though you do not have the means to compose or write a song, you composed the song that is playing in your head right now”. 

Music is eternal, music brings peace, music creates love & Master Simz was born from the Music that brings Peace & Love to ones soul.

We caught up with Master Simz before his show at Halloween.

Thanks for having a chat with us. How would you describe a typical Master Simz show?
I’ve lived by these words for every performance: “I was born from the Music that brings Peace & Love to one soul”. I think a typical “Master Simz show” is exactly that, ensuring that one finds peace & love through the music that they hear me play/write.


What has been your biggest challenge as an artist in South Africa?
Wow, what a loaded question. I can’t give a very definitive answer as I keep reaching for my dreams everyday, yes it’s taking a little bit of time to reach them however I strongly believe in patience, which is a key factor when growing as an artist, knowing & believing that one day your dreams will become a reality.

What’s the most bizarre thing to happen while you were on stage?
Pressing the wrong cue button while I was performing at a venue that booked me to headline one of their Deep House events. Yes, I was booked to headline at a venue in Pretoria, I had nice laugh with my best friends in the DJ Box, I turn around & pushed the cue button on the track that the crowd was vibing to. Never looked so dumb in my life & my best friends had a nice laugh about it as well.

Haha. Shame, bro. What shows stand out for you the most? And why?
All the shows/events that I have performed at over the years have a certain vibe to them, I take the positive out of each one. I can’t pin point one particular show/event takes the top spot as “the greatest experience”, they’re all great for me.

Who has been your biggest inspiration locally and international?
Local inspiration : Mark Stent, L.A. Cruz, TimO ODV, TradeMarc, Chunda Munki, Kyle Cassim, Kyle Watson
International inspiration: Nicolau Marinho, Billy Kenny, Oliver Schoeries
I feel that all these artist play a big role in how I conduct myself as an artist because I have learned so much from supporting their music & their shows.

What can the fans expect from you at Halloween?
Driving Tech House/Bass House music, loads of bass waves & air-fist pumping. If the stage is big enough I might give a lil’ dance as well.

YES! Any chance of dancing skeletons and pumpkins exploding on stage?
I think the dancing skeletons are a fantastic idea, the exploding pumpkins will throw me off while I play lol.

Nice. Last question. Where can people find you online?
FB –
Soundcloud –
Mixcloud –
Instagram – @MasterSimzMusic
Twitter – @MasterSimzMusic