Park Acoustics is celebrating 8 years… yes! 8 YEARS of providing the best music to the Capital on 21 May 2017.

Over 70 Park events, 150 acts, millions of memories, making new tjommies and being rof on a Sunday. What started out as an intimate Sunday concert, have blossomed into one of the biggest and longest going monthly music concerts in the country. Park Acoustics is your first stop on a Sunday.

Their line-up is legendary with headliners Fokofpolisiekar, Silverton bad boys, Black Cat Bones, Jhb’s garage kids, The Tazers, Centurion’s eclectic Late Night Fox, the charming sound of The Sextons and their main man Moe Joe on the decks.

Comedy will have you smiling from ear to ear with Alyn Adams, Lazola Gola and Chris Forrest.

We had a chat with Late Night Fox ahead of their performance at Park Acoustics this Sunday:

Hello. Thanks for chatting to us before Park Acoustics. How are you feeling by being back at Park Acoustics in 2017?

Hello, feels good thanks for asking. It’s always a pleasure performing for the home crowd.

What has been your absolute favorite Park Acoustics moment?

Every single PA has its moments, it’s difficult to point out a single one. But if we had to choose, probably back in 2013, when we as a band first realized how amazing it feels to perform with such great sound.

Why do you think Park Acoustics is necessary as a monthly event in Pretoria?

It may be the only venue in Pretoria where people can hear live bands with excellent sound, so in essence, each band is given the opportunity to be heard at their best.

Nice! What can people expect from Late Night Fox at Park Acoustics?

It’s hard to say, are we expected to do anything more than what we usually do? We hope we can offer a little something for everyone. A little diversity on such a rock line-up is good, no? Better to leave any expectations at the gate.

Interesting. We can’t wait. How would you describe a Late Night Fox performance?

Diverse. Colourful. Sexy. Salty.

Salty… haha! Any crazy fan stories before or during a performance?

Naaaah not really. Our ‘fans’ are mostly well-behaved, sensible people for the most part.

Last question, where can people find you next after Park Acoustics?

Vans Psych Night at Arcade Empire on 27 May.

Nice! Thanks for the chat! Get your tickets today!