Live music is alive and well in Pretoria ♥ Thanks to Park Acoustics and all the fans!

Park Acoustics back on the 27th of August with Shortstraw, Crimson House, Native Young, We Are Charlie, The Ceramics and Missu.

The line up for Sunday is insane!

11:00 The Ceramics
12:10 We Are Charlie
13:20 Native Young
14:30 Crimson House
15:45 Shortstraw
17:00 Missu

With all of that said, I had a chat with Dylan from We Are Charlie:

Hi, Dylan. You guys have been busy this year, playing some of South Africa’s best festivals and gigs, including Mieliepop and Lush. But the year is not over yet, with Oppikoppi, Arcade Empire’s Halloween party and next weekend’s Park Acoustics coming up. Which show are you most excited to play?

We feel very fortunate to have played those. We’re extremely excited for all three of the aforementioned festivals. They’re wildly different events but that’s also why it’s great to have those coming up. It’ll be the first time we play an Arcade Halloween and we love that line up, so that one does make us a little anxious, but Park Acoustics has always been one of our favourites. Koppi is just epic of course.

You have played at Park Acoustics quite a few times now, was there a specific Park Acoustics event that stood out for you? Or is that stage just a ‘come home after being gone for a while feeling?

They were all amazing and to be honest the best shows are always a blank afterward. I’d say we probably played our best the last time we were there but obviously because we had newer songs, the crowd knew us better and we had a bit more experience. The first Park Acoustics we performed at was also great because it was basically the opposite of our latest one. That made it more exciting.

We Are Charlie have been around for some time now and as I understand Wesley and Dylan met way back in high school. What were you like in high school?

Aw, man, we were the worst. We were scruffy, naughty kids who just wanted to get messed up and be the guys in a band. Don’t get us wrong, we have the most amazing memories from those times and we won’t change who we were in the slightest. We lacked a lot of anxiety back then and had this wonderful careless way of doing things. Playing music was mostly only something to do between smoking and finding ways to avoid doing anything and everything we were told do.

Do you have any plans to tour internationally in the near future?

Yes. Well, not the near future but within the next 2 years.

Recently you presented Drunken Movie Night at Arcade Empire, which is something different, yet a lot of fun! Are you going to present more of these movie nights?

Yes, I think we will. We really love those and any excuse to get drunk while watching a comical classic is a good enough excuse. Throw in a bunch of strangers around you and it becomes so much better.

Do any of you have weird pet peeves or quirks, making it sometimes hard to tour with each other?

We love touring together and we don’t really annoy each other at all. Rudolph doesn’t seem to like the lengthy drives. He just wants to run free in a field somewhere. If you are stuck in a small space for too long then touring does get hard but there’s no blame on any pet peeves. I speak for myself though. The other guys could hate being on tour with me.

It is always a party when We Are Charlie is playing! What is your go to party drink?

Thank you very much. This is going to sound terrible but we drink anything put in front of us. Go to drinks as individuals: I like whiskey. It’s delicious and keeps my figure at a desirable shape. Wes loves brandy and coke because he’s crazy as fuck and Rudolph literally drinks everything but we mostly see a beer in his hand. As a band, we drink tequila together. This was a terrible habit we actually picked up from Shortstraw. This Park Acoustics is going to get out of hand.

Lastly, are you working on some new songs at the moment? It is always great to hear some new We Are Charlie goodness.

Yes, we are actually. Still planning the release schedule and how we will handle sending those songs out into the air. There’s a new one that we’re very excited about, coming soon actually.


Catch We Are Charlie this Sunday at Park Acoustics, get your tickets right here.