LUSH Festival – LUSH Festival – presented by OFM and KykNET – are bringing their best line-up yet for Easter weekend 2018!

Clarens will once again be flooded with thousands of music lovers as the 3rd annual LUSH Festival takes place from 29 March to 2 April 2018. Fans have been following the great news via social media as the LUSH team announced a host of great international and local acts for the next festival.

American punk band Bowling For Soup bring their energetic performance to the LUSH main stage and promises to have the crowd going wild with hit singles such as the Grammy Nominated ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want’ and smash hit ‘1985’.

Central SA’s most beautiful festival will host artists across a variety of stages and with a view that is nestled in the foothills of the scenic Maluti and Rooiberg mountains, each stage has its own charming setting. The Owl stage will have festival-goers discovering great up-and-coming talent along with well-known fan favourites in a relaxed intimate setting. The Woods hosts the dance stage where a mass of tall majestic trees, lit up by a colourful light show, surrounds the energetic crowd led into the late-night hour by a stellar DJ and Electro line-up. The Willows main stage is the highlight of the live performance line-up with the biggest stage and sound setup at LUSH, completing a top-class entertainment selection that never disappoints.

The FOOD VILLAGE will have a great variety of gourmet food trucks setup for a delicious selection of food and beverages to satisfy any need. For the active and adventurous at heart, LUSH Festival will host a selection of activities, follow the jump!

Gates open 1pm Thursday March 29th for camping

Address: Linwood Farm, R711, Clarens, Free State

Tickets on sale right here!

With that said and your tickets purchased (see above) we had a chat with Jaret Reddick:

Hi, Jaret! So rad to talk to you before Lush Festival. How keen are you guys on heading to South Africa for the first time?

I gotta tell you, We are pretty stoked! At this point, where we are now with the band and with life, we don’t really expect a lot of new opportunities like this. Mostly just touring in the places we have already established. There are so many places, like South Africa, we have wanted to go, but it just never worked out! Here we are though!

South Africa is a first for you. How did the whole process start on your South African tour?

It is actually kind of a fluke! We were on Warped tour here in the states last year. I had to run back towards where the busses were parked to find a port-a loo that wasn’t in the blazing sun. I had to poop!! Badly!!! As I stood trying not to completely blow my day, and possibly anyone else’s around me, a dude walked up to me and introduced himself as Craig Atkinson. He then started talking about the idea of bringing us over for a South African tour. If I am being honest, this kinda shit happens to me all the time. So I really didn’t think I would ever hear from the guy again. Well, in the fall he hit us up with an idea that didn’t work out. I was both surprised, and then again, not surprised, because this shit happens all the time. Craig MADE this all happen. He went back to the drawing board and figured it out and here we go! Gotta love that kinda persistence. Now… Hopefully, people show up to see us!

Of course! What can people expect from Bowling for Soup in South Africa?

It will be a show like they haven’t seen before. We have a LOT of fun on stage. And off stage, I guess. IT will be a “fun” show is what I am trying to say!

Between shows and traveling, are there any other places you want to visit while here?

Again, being super honest, we don’t really know much about the country. So it will all be new. And we are easy to impress!

Haha. Bowling for Soup has been known as being extremely happy and positive, how do you guys keep it up and has that slightly changed over the years?

By being ourselves. The one time things got rocky for myself and Erik in our personal lives, and it started to sneak its way into our band life…We took a break. Best thing we ever did!

There seems to be a trend on releasing an album every 2 – 3 years. Drunk Dynasty was released in 2016… so, something planned for 2018 – 2019?

Yep! That is the plan! Hopefully in the studio this fall!

In your opinion, what has been your single greatest “gift” to the music industry?


Last question. Who is the sexiest in Bowling for Soup?

Chris Burney is the sexiest man in the world. Just look at his eyes!

Thanks for the quick chat! Much appreciated. Don’t forget to book your tickets today! We’ll see you there…