Rising star Andrew Sutton, known for his debut single ‘One More Chance’ on airwaves nationwide, has signed an exclusive deal with Tevo’s audio brand, shoX. shoX has released their range of signature Andrew Sutton speakers for sale.

TEVO, the holding company of shoX, is continually looking to try new approaches and action disruptive ideas that will create value for their retail partners and customers. This is the first time they are working with a young star in the making from grassroots level, and have developed a range that captures the essence of the Andrew Sutton brand.’

shoX, a brand known to be fun, fresh and relevant together with ANDREW’s brand, cater to a more mainstream market, but each have nuances that will appeal to smaller niches. The signature range features sleek, minimalistic designs that whisper high-end, but will also be affordable – the exact qualities ANDREW admires in the brand.

“shoX cater to a wide spectrum of consumers and focus on three main areas for audio products: design appeal for the target market, quality sound for size and most importantly, value. As an artist, Andrew’s music is very easy to listen to. Once we heard Andrew’s single and chatted with Brad and Andrew about his upcoming music, we quickly realised that a large proportion of the shoX market fits perfectly within that of Andrew Sutton’s target audience – all of us were very excited about the opportunity to work together.” – Steve Carrie, Tevo Marketing Executive.

The first speaker shoX will be launching with Andrew Sutton, the shoX dual, is essentially a 2-in-1 wireless speaker. You can pop out the portable speaker with the push of a finger and take it with you on the move, or drop it back in to engage the booming bass station. They have also developed a set of Bluetooth headphones that will be released early next year.

With all of that said, we had a quick chat with Andrew. And don’t forget to enter our comp and win yourself one of these speakers. Lekker!

Hi Andrew, congrats on your own signature speaker! How did that happen?

The people at Tevo heard “One More Chance” and were keen to work with me. Brad told me on the phone that they wanted to create a speaker and I was so excited. ShoX have been supportive!

The speaker looks insane, why should people get their hands on one ASAP?

ShoX has built a name if great quality speakers and my speaker is exactly the same. Like you said, it looks amazing and it is the only speaker that has a portable speaker and a speaker that can sit in your room or lounge, I couldn’t have asked for a cooler speaker.

How can people get their hand on one of these speakers?

The speakers are sold in Musica, Game, Macro and on the ShoX website!

With so many devices on the market at the moment, what makes your shoX stand out from the rest?

It is the only speaker on the market that has can be portable and a normal speaker, it is super classy but still fun and current! It has great loud sound and it is very unique.

What is next for Andrew Sutton?

I am currently working in some new music and I am so excited to share it with the public! I am working with such talented people and we have some awesome songs coming out soon.

What makes the South African music scene special for you?

I have had the most amazing opportunities to open and perform along side with some amazing South African artists like Mathew Mole, Gangs of Ballet, Majozi, Mango Groove, Locknville, Shortstraw and Rubber Duck! What stands out to me is that all of these bands and artists are so humble and genuine people! The are so down to earth and easy to talk to! To me the fact that people as talented as them can be so humble and supportive to me is really special.

Any words or advice for upcoming artists?

You never know who is in the audience so perform as if you were performing for the king! Someone could be in the crowd and give you opportunities that you couldn’t have never even dreamed of.

Last question, how can people get hold of you?

I am on Instagram, Sutton.andrew.music, my Facebook name is Andrew Sutton and my Twitter is suttonandymusic.

Photos by Craig Scott