The first Insidious, was one of the few horror movies that really scared the shit out of us. And by the looks of this trailer for the anticipated sequel, we should all invest in some spare underwear.


Insidious: Chapter 2, continues where the first left off, with the Lambert family content that all is right with the world again… yeah, no. As people in horror movies should really know by now, moving to a new house really doesn’t solve anything.

Check out the trailer:


Yes, that creepy fucking song is back, and there’s a new one too… Expect half your friends to make it their ringtone when the movie is released, causing you to get a chill down your spine every time someone gets a call.

James Wan, once again takes over the director seat on this one, and is responsible for at least 50% of our nightmares – especially if you plan on watching The Conjuring. Check out the trailer for it here.

The movie will be in cinemas Friday, September 13th… Get some good sleep the night before, because you won’t be sleeping for a while afterwards. We can’t wait.