Let me start this off by saying that this was an impulsive decision, not something that was planned carefully or with much thought. It was a simple idea, to get to Innibos to have a few drinks and return home the next morning. Now if you didn’t know (fun fact of the day), Nelspruit, where Innibos was held this year is a mere 4 hours drive from Pretoria, or an hour in a helicopter, which we didn’t have.

I was actually in Spar on Saturday afternoon roughly around 3 o’clock buying some meat for a braai when I got a persuasive call from Victor who convinced me that Innibos would be a nice way to spend a Saturday night….So the stage was set, I scrambled home to pack (didn’t even take out my bag from the car till we got home) just in time for him to pick me up. We left Pretoria and our mission was Innibos, we had Klippies to get our game faces on (I was still struggling to get mine on from the previous night’s adventure), a few beers and a bottle of Jagermeister. Funny story regarding the Jagermeister, according to Shehan (super cool dude that drove us there) that the choice was between the Jager or Samoosas for snacks on the road, wise choice indeed.

We drove through the anus of the bushveld in the black of night to get there; we arrived at the wrong place initially but soon found the festival grounds. We parked walked and bought drinks (fucking R35.00 for a brandy and coke). I wandered to watch Die Heuwels Fantasties alone but soon found company in the form of two equally avid fans of Die Heuwels. I watched in awe as I usually do when they performed, enjoying every single second of the act. What really made it such an awesome show was Francois van Coke coming on the stage to sing the last three songs with Pierre, a sight to behold. I had eargasms the whole time.

Next up was Fokofpolisiekar, and there is nothing I can say to justify the power and sheer commitment that these guys bring to every show. It was a truly epic show; afterwards was quite a blur. I remember some guy playing on a keyboard covering popular tracks in the beer tent, well the last open beer tent seeing that they started to pack up right after twelve.

Next thing I know the place was very empty as to it was a few hours ago, and that our driver decided that he wants to go home or already went home. I couldn’t remember and didn’t give a fuck cause I was having a very good time. Something that stood out was definitely an unfortunate event that happened when we walked back to the car, just outside of the show grounds we were walking and some guy, a tad drunk came crashing face first in the dust next to us (I assume he tried to jump a two brick high wall), what could we do? We cracked up at the guy smiling from the ground to us, face covered in dirt, all of a sudden his buddy screamed: “He has only one leg”, to our disbelief he was right, the poor soul had one leg and a prosthetic leg next to him. Shocked we proceeded with our quest; we drove to a secluded chalet after we raided the local Sasol in search of pies and Pepsi’s.

The chalet was an absolute mess with people piling up and drinking. I had a few Jagers and Pepsi’s to ease me through the early morning hours. From there on I can only recall a certain wall that I tried to jump, wait it was not even a wall. It was a pile of bricks that resembled a wall somewhat, I fell my fucking ass off on an avalanche of bricks. Probably somehow deservedly that I unknowingly cracked myself up to a disabled person falling on his face…..

And then we left, I was probably the person that looked and felt the worst out of the convoy. Probably the devil of Friday night that decided that I had to suffer, who knows?! What stood out on the long road home was Shehan unknowingly revving the living shit out of his car by accident in front of a gang of bikers and me not really feeling that well in Engen garage and scaring kids out of the bathroom with my inability to keep my hangover contained, the floodgates of Innibos opened and I was done…..